Which Documents Are Required When Moving Overseas

You must inform which documents are required when moving overseas. Although good customs clearing agents in Bahrain will help you in organizing this job, you should not rely on them. There are a lot of situations when you will be alone in preparing for the relocation. For most people, it is the hardest and the most challenging job at the same time.

On the other hand, you can predict the documents that you will need for moving. Most of them are obligated when traveling as a tourist. You surely know that without a passport nobody can pass through the board. Also, most of the countries demand a visa. Luckily, you should not do it alone. Good agency and agent will prepare everything you need for this procedure.

A pile of papers
You should be informed about the documents needed for moving overseas on time

Documents are required when moving overseas the same as for every travel

The first you will need to prepare when moving overseas is a passport and visa. You must have them in your pocket whenever going through customs clearance. However, there are many other papers you should have. People usually do not know about them until start preparing. Do not rely on your instinct or common sense. You will surprise how many things you do not know about it.

  • There are a lot of individual documents that you should have when preparing for moving – starting from the passport;
  • If you have planned to work in a new country you will need all licenses, diploma, and allowances – those documents are required when moving overseas;
  • We are sure that you love your pets and believe that they are the most perfect in the world, but you will need special passports for them;
  • When moving with children you should collect their documents, too – starting from records from the school and doctors;
  • Relying on good removal companies Bahrain could spare you from the worst jobs about packing and transporting of special cargo.


We know that you will not even think about traveling without this document. However, you should inform about legislation in the country you travel to. Some countries watch about the expiration date and other information. Maybe you will not be able to use a passport if you have less than 6 months before expiring. Pay attention to that when packing air freight cargo in Bahrain, to avoid unpleasant waiting on the board.


Every country in the world asks for some type of visa. While some of them will satisfy with the simple paying of the tax at the board, the other ones will demand serious preparation. It is impossible to organize import-export without it, so you should rely on moving companies for advice.

Social and security cards

Some countries do not have special ID documents but rely on social cards and numbers. It means that you should have a document that the new country does not know about. Do not worry, though. Companies that organize cargo transport have a list of the documents. You can hire them and leave the hardest job for them.

A pile of papers
Do not forget that you will need international medical insurance when moving abroad

Documents are required when moving overseas to protect your health, too

Since you cannot predict when and why you will need health insurance. It is exactly the reason why you must have it. Especially when moving to another country. You will surely have local health insurance after you find a job, but you should have proper insurance for the first days. However, do not worry, there are a lot of affordable combinations.

Bank account

In common situations, you will be able to use your bank account in every part of the world. The only you need is to have a credit card. However, it is not possible if you have planned to move and live in a new country. Especially the problem is when starting to work there. So, do not rely on your old account. You should find a new one in a new country.

Medical records

You must take with you all documents in the case that you have a serious disease. However, if you have planned to live in a new country, you should prepare documents for the new doctor. You will need to have a new doctor in a new country, too. He will organize medical care much easier when having information about you.

International insurance

We are sure that you know why health insurance is important. When moving to a foreign country, it is important even more. Medical bills are very high for foreign people and you must not rely on your wallet and lucky in these cases. After you find a job in this country, you will take local medical insurance, but prepare an international just in case for the first days.

Documents are required when moving overseas for a reason

Each country has its special demands. While one of them will only ask for a passport, other ones will have much more on their lists. Also, it is very important from which country you come there. Some countries are very friendly to people from the US, while others accept people from all over the world easily. You should inform me about that on time.

You should have documents from the school when moving abroad

Work permit

We talk about moving abroad for working. It means that you must accept their rules about hiring foreign people. In most countries, you will need a work permit. It is a simple document, but very important if want to work legally in the country. You should inform you about that before relocating, though.

Birth certificate

You may ask why is this document needed when having a passport. However, there are data that the passport does not contain. Some of them are information about your parents or place of birth. In some cases, this document will be needed and you will lose time for getting in from a foreign country. The same worth for marriage certificates.

School record

No matter what is the reason for moving to the country, you will need proof that you have gone to the school for which you present yourself. It will make you looking for the job easier. Those documents are required when moving overseas, regardless of how and when you will find a job. It is not worthless to take them with you when moving.

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