What are the items prohibited for import into Bahrain

If you are thinking about moving to Bahrain and you are not sure what are the items prohibited for import into Bahrain, we got the answers. We compiled a very clear list of items you can not import into Bahrain. Also, if you need some additional permits, you will learn that too. Bahrain customs clearance doesn’t have to be a problem and it doesn’t have to be complicated if you follow some simple and logical tips.

Weapons are on the list of the items prohibited for import into Bahrain

One of the things that are on the list of prohibited items is weapons. You can not import weapons in Bahrain. If you have some trophy guns, you will have to leave them behind. Simply, Bahrain custom policy clearly states that no weapons or ammunition are allowed for import.

man with gun that is one of the items prohibited for import into Bahrain
You can not import guns in Bahrain

You can not import ivory

Sometimes we are not even aware that some of our items are from ivory. So before you start the relocation process make sure to check with a reliable moving company like Four Winds Bahrain about all the details. You can give them a list of the items you are relocating to, and they will advise you. They know all the laws. And they can handle this part of your relocation for you.

Pay attention to children toys

This is something that probably won’t cross your mind when you decide to relocate. When you start packing your children’s toys, you won’t really think about this. But, there are some toys that are actually banned for import. You can not import any children’s toys that are capable of firing projectiles. So, before you pack everything up, make sure to go through all of the toys and pack only the ones that you can import into Bahrain.

One of the items prohibited for import into Bahrain is remote-controlled model aircraft

If you like to take photos, and you use drones you will not be able to import it into Bahrainwithout appropriate documentation. You will need some special certificates, and before you start your journey you need to make sure that you can pass all Bahrain customs. By following some basic guidelines it will be easy. And you will be able to even import drone – you just need permits and certificates.

flying drone
You can not import drones

Items that are inappropriate for culture and religion

There are certain things that are inappropriate to import for culture and religion. Some of the items that are on that list are cigarettes. Also, books and magazines that contradict Islamic teachings and religion. This is something that is very important. So make sure to pay special attention to your books, magazines, and publications.

Items from Isreal or with their signature

One of the items that you can not import into Bahrain is any goods that are from Israel. Also if there is a clear marking of Israel or their logo – you won’t be able to get those items with you into Bahrain.



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