Tradeshow planning and transportation tips

If your company decided to invest in a tradeshow exhibit, planning will be the most important part. Especially if the investment is substantial. You will need to set your goals. And you will need to know how to accomplish them. Also, if you need to transport it all to a different country, the logistic part will be very important. Even though logistics companies in Bahrain have lots of experience with transportation for tradeshows, you will still need to have a plan and prepare and organize everything. If you do not have experience with such events, hire a freight forwarding company that will help you with tradeshow planning and transportation.

Tradeshow Planning and Transportation is complicated, so set your goals in advance

The first and most important part of joining a tradeshow is to set your goals.  You do not want to pay for a tradeshow spot, commercial stall, graphics, flyers, advertisement, and expensive air cargo Bahrain before you set your goals. There are many different benefits of joining a tradeshow. And only you know what you want to achieve. Maybe you only want to present your new product, present your company, get better sales, or you want to offer some special deals. There are many more reasons for this, but you need to determine whether this expensive outlet is worth your time and money. If you determine that this is the right thing for your company, you can start developing your plan.

man thinking about Tradeshow Planning and transportation
Make sure that you plan everything in advance.

Make sure that your company is noticeable, that is one of the most important parts of tradeshow planning

Sometimes, you cannot influence how your stand will look. But, most of the time you can brand your stand however you want. If that is the case, make sure that you use this possibility well. Invest in good graphics and displays. Make sure that your design creates a “wow” factor. That is usually the thing that will attract possible clients first. So make sure that your advertisement is of top quality.

Use bright colors and large fonts, and make sure that your message is loud and clear. You do not want to use slogans and messages that are not presenting your brand and company clearly. That is one of your top priorities. If you do not have experience with branding, hire a professional to help you. Especially if you are expecting a good profit out of this.

Tradeshow Planning and Transportation – prepare special offers

Prepare a pre-show, at-show and post-show offers. Make sure that your clients know what you are offering and why. Companies usually determine a period for which the special offer is valid. Usually, 15days before and after the show. But this is something that you need to determine on your own. If your goal is only to present your product than you do not have to offer special deals outside of the tradeshow. If you want to get as many sales as possible, look at what your competition is doing and copy them.

Arrange meetings with potential partners

Tradeshows are not only a good place to present your company to clients. It is also a good place to start new partnerships. Many companies from your industry will join the tradeshow. And you can use this opportunity to meet your old and new potential partners. While your employees are dealing with customers you can arrange new business deals. Make sure that you identify all potential partners before the tradeshow begins and arrange meetings with them in advance. That way you can be sure that you will have an opportunity to speak with them when the exhibit begins.

people at tradeshow
A tradeshow is a good placed to start new partnerships

Prepare appropriate printed materials

If you decide to join a tradeshow, make sure that you have enough printed materials that you will give to your clients and partners. Of course, how your materials will look depends on your budget and how you want to present your company. If you have a unique product, that will sell on its own, then you probably do not have to invest much in a quality print. In that case, your main goal is to give as much information about your product as possible. If you are selling the same product as your competition try to invest in good and quality printed material, pricelists, booklets, flyers, and business cards.

Hire a good freight forwarder for your tradeshow planning and transportation

Tradeshow Planning and Transportation is complicated. Especially if you are joining a tradeshow in another country. If that is the case and you do not have an idea on where to start, hire experienced freight forwarder in Bahrain to organize it for you. They will know which type of transportation to use, which carrier service to hire, they can organize and prepare your complicated paperwork, and they will know how to deal with customs.

man using laptop
Hire a good and experienced freight forwarder to organize it all.

That is all very complicated work, and you need to find and hire an experienced freight forwarder if you want to make sure that you get to your tradeshow on time and with all your products. It does cost extra to hire an experienced and reliable freight forwarding agency, but it will save you a lot of nerves if you do it.

Tradeshow planning and transportation of your items

Almost every industry in the world has its own tradeshows that are happening all around the globe. If you are a car dealer and you are shipping cars overseas to join a US tradeshow, for example, you will need to know how to transport it across the ocean safely. To safely prepare a car or any other larger object you will probably need to crate it before you load it on a cargo ship. Of course, you will not be the one who will do the crating, but you need to prepare your items so it can survive the long transportation. Make sure that you give the packaging company all the information about your product that will help them prepare your item safely.

If you can, you can strip all movable parts and pack them separately. Also, make sure that items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations are protected. Remember that sea freight is the slowest and bumpiest type of transportation. If you want your items to be safely delivered and on time, use air freight services. That is the most important tip you will get concerning tradeshow planning and transportation.

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