Top reasons for cargo delay and how to avoid them

Shipping delays can cause a lot of issues for everybody. They can lead do unsatisfied customers, business going slow. A lot of people are wondering what are the top reasons for cargo delay? Is there any way to avoid them, or to even stop them completely? One of the things that will help you for sure is if you hire only the best cargo service in Bahrain that will help you with anything. But other than that – there are other things you can do!

One of the top reasons for cargo delay are typos

If you do everything on your own, a simple typo in your shipment documentation can cause a lot of problems. Incorrect address or any other error in documentation can cause cargo to be delayed.  So, the best thing that you can do is to check everything and hire a company that will help you with cargo transport. But make sure to find a company that can handle your type of cargo. They need to be professionals. That way – they can help you to avoid cargo delays.

Weather conditions can cause a delay

If your cargo is being delivered by the sea- the weather can cause a lot of delays. Depending on weather conditions the ship will need to adjust the route. And, in case of the especially severe storm – they might even have to shelter the ship in the nearest port. So, no wonder that the weather is one of the top reasons for cargo delay. If you are looking for sea cargo Bahrain – make sure to look for professionals and companies that offer insurance.

boat with cargo during storm is one of the top reasons for cargo delay
Weather is one of the main reasons for cargo delays

Customs is often a reason for the delay

If you are shipping your cargo from a different country, customs is something that can cause delays. So, before you actually decide to ship anything – check the Bahrain customs. You need to check the list of prohibited items and make sure that you are not breaking any rules. If you hired a company that will handle your cargo, you will save a lot of time since they know all of this, and they can process the documentation needed much faster.

Technical problems with the ship are among the top reasons for cargo delays

Although this might seem uncommon, it actually is quite common. To get a clearer picture, you should know that only one ship engine has more than 120.000 parts. So, for a ship to have a technical malfunction can be quite common. So, if you are shipping some temperature-sensitive items make sure that they are in proper containers. Repair of the ship can take time, and it better to be safe than sorry.

cargo ship at the port
Cargo delays can be caused by technical problems with the ship

Miscommunication can cause a lot of issues

As you probably already know, communication is very important. And, miscommunication can easily happen on your own team, or in communication with the shipping company. Miscommunication is one of the top reasons for cargo delay. And if you want to avoid that – make sure that you have a system where you can easily check everything that has been communicated regarding cargo. That way you will easily spot any miscommunication and prevent a lot of problems and possible cargo delays.

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