Tips to Save Money on Emergency Shipments

When an urgent request or emergency shipment arrises, it can be easy to jump to a conclusion. Don’t imagine the worst case (and usually the most costly) scenario. But even for the most critical cargo forwarding issues, you have more options than you have initially evaluated. At Four Winds Bahrain, we help our clients every day find the fastest and the most reliable ways to save money on emergency shipments.

man packing a box in order to Save Money on Emergency Shipments
When we notice a potential delay, we immediately take action to re-route your parcel as needed.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you need to save money on emergency shipments

First of all, stop panicking

When you need to get critical products halfway around the world (ASAP), you might assume that an extraordinarily expensive option is the only way to go. But before you turn to chartering a private flight or flying a personal courier, movers and packers in Bahrain have a better idea. There are often many ways to save money on emergency shipments. As well as getting them to their destinations on time. Did you know most airlines offer express shipping services with dependable tracking and security? This service is known as Next Flight Out or NFO. And it is just as fast – at a fraction of the cost no less!

Clearly define your crisis

  • If you tell your freight forwarder that your shipment needs to get to the specific address “ASAP,” that might mean it arrives at its destination at 2 a.mBut then no one will be there to receive it for several hours.
  • Even if you’re running a business that’s running 24-hours a day, it’s important to determine exactly how quickly you need that parcel delivered. If the product can wait those extra few hours, or if it’s Saturday night and your urgentin fact means Monday morning, you can avoid paying an unnecessary premium.

Plan deliberately and you can save money on emergency shipments

We can help you plan your shipment’s entire route. We do that by looking at all factors that could cause delays. For example, there’s the factor of unpredictable weather or employee strikes, and so on. Plus using one Bahrain shipping carrier for the entire process will assure you that your parcel is on the best possible route, and allow you to save money on emergency shipments. This way you can also make contingency plans in advance in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong en-route.

Statue of Buddha in a box
If you’re most concerned about the safety and tracking your cargo every step of the way, NFO service is the best option for you.

Choose reliable services

Taking the time to assess your options and shipping itinerary can reduce your costs. An urgent request by a customer isn’t the time to use an unproven carrier. Why? Well, potential delays can end up costing you even more. Contact Four Winds Bahrain because we only work with tried and true airlines that provide our clients with fast shipping services. Therefore we can offer you extensive tracking amenities and a track record with high success rates.

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