Tips to keep track of warehouse inventory

So, you are growing your company or moving it to another country? The most vital thing to do is to hire reliable movers to handle the move. Secondly, to keep your business thriving, you should follow a good warehouse inventory plan. This is essential, no matter the size of your business. With no further ado, let’s dive straight into the best tips to keep track of warehouse inventory.

Optimize the layout to keep track of warehouse inventory 

Because businesses are so diverse, there is no one way to set up warehouse inventory. Rather, you want to follow the general principles of a good plan. To easily access your temperature-controlled storage facility Bahrain, put high-volume goods close to the shipping and receiving section. Do the same with heavy objects. This reduces the average amount of time and work required to assemble an order. Place similar items together. 

photo of warehouse
Arrange bins and shelving with these ideas in mind to easily keep track of warehouse inventory.

Label boxes and create a map

Label boxes with your inventory control numbers. You may also want to take photos of every item and post it where the product is placed. Lastly, make a map showing the location of each category of items. If you feel that you have a lot of items, it might be the best idea to move to a bigger warehouse. Sometimes it is hard keeping track of inventory when there are too many objects placed in a small area. In case you own a lot of heavy equipment, it would be best to hire experts to do the job.

Plan and prepare 

Good preparation is the key to keep track of warehouse inventory. Hence, start by buying count tags and sheets or any other materials you might need. Remember to assign employees to go through every part of the warehouse. They should label and put aside any broken items. Then, label the counted stock to avoid any mistakes. As the date of the inventory gets closer, meet with the employees who will do the count. You could assign teams to specific warehouse parts. 

men shaking hands in warehouse
You can ask one employee to take charge of issuing count tags and count sheets.

Taking inventory

Firstly, contact your import-export company, and ask them to cease normal shipping and receiving operation while the inventory count is in process. Later, guide employees to divide any shipments received until the record is made. Each inventory team should consist of one person who does the counting while the second lists the data on count sheets. Supervisors should check any unusual counts or errors. Also, it is helpful to do spot counts to confirm that all teams made accurate and total counts.

Everything from the office moving checklist, precise inventory organization, to how you have your stock arranged determines how easily your business will function. Even if you think your facility operates fine, you can always upgrade. By following our tips to keep track of warehouse inventory, you will easily organize your warehouse. Also, it will increase overall performance. Good luck!

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