Tips for preparing clothes for storage during winter

Are you beginning the process of preparing clothes for storage? As now’s definitely the time to make room for winter items, the summer ones will have to find another place to reside during the winter. Four Winds Bahrain will help you prepare your clothes for storage and find them in the perfect condition in a few months when the temperature rises again. How you store your items is of ultimate importance – it will greatly affect the outcome. You have to store your clothes properly. To begin the process, you’ll need to find quality storage space. Are you ready to dive into the tips and tricks and prepare your clothes for storage properly? If yes, keep on reading!

preparing clothes for storage by washing and drying it
To start preparing clothes for storage it’s necessary to wash them and dry them well.

Preparing clothes for storage includes washing, folding, and hanging it

There are several steps that you want to do when preparing clothes for storage:

  • Wash all of your clothes. Make sure they are all dried out before you go to the next step. Even if your clothes smell nice and aren’t dirty – wash them. The body oils can affect the materials in the long run.
  • After you’ve washed all of your clothes, fold them properly. Pack them in the boxes and seal the boxes well. 
  • If there are pieces that wouldn’t take the folding well, hang them, and buy the suit plastic in which you can place your shirts, dresses, and trousers.

Keep in mind that you’ll also use your storage unit appropriately after you store your items. You’ll need to visit it, clean it and keep it organized.

Choose the appropriate storage

When you’re storing your clothes, it’s important that you choose the best option for your situation. If you want to store clothes only during the winter, and not replace them with winter clothes after the winter has passed – then you should consider short-term options, like a short term storage unit in Bahrain. Short term storage is a great choice when you have to store items for a season. It costs less and it’s easier to maintain. You can always rent another unit or prolong the use of the current one if you encounter the need. To choose the appropriate storage, think about how many items you want to store, for how long you want to store them, and whether there will be more items that you’ll need to store eventually. You can also see if some of your friends and family members want to store their items and then get a slightly bigger storage unit but split the costs.

folding clothes
Folding your clothes properly and placing them in the plastic box will help keep them in good condition.

Preparing clothes for storage is useless without appropriate boxes

In order for clothes to stay in the best shape possible, you’ll have to do everything you can to prepare them for the time spent in storage. You can get the climate controlled storage Bahrain, and it may not yield the best possible results because you haven’t packed your items properly. Invest in the quality packing boxes when you place your items in storage. Plastic boxes are the best choice. They keep the moisture and the dust away from neatly folded, clean wardrobe pieces. Now that you got acquainted with the most important aspects of the process, you know where to start when you’re preparing clothes for storage!

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