Tips for e-commerce packing and shipping

Are you looking for ways to step up your e-commerce packing and shipping process? Movers and packers in Bahrain can help you step up your online game! E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular as it’s potential grows. During the corona pandemic, we’ve all realized that most parts of our lives can be led online as they were offline. This alongside isolation, has placed a greater demand on many e-commerce website owners and forced them out of their comfort zone. To increase your sales further, you’ll need to pay attention to the details like the packaging and the whole customer experience. Devil is in the details! To find out what you need to pay more attention to, keep on reading!

E-commerce packing and shipping requires a tactical approach

First and foremost the package that you’re about to send to your customer must be well packed and ready for delivery. If a person who is transporting drops it accidentally, you are on the loss. Firstly, you’ll have to get another item and go through the packing process again, risking the loss for the second time. Secondly, you need to pay for transport once more. It’s not that rare for a box to fall out of someone’s hand, especially when it comes to the massive sales. If your website is mostly selling items that aren’t fragile, then consider switching items that are fragile with its non-fragile counterparts, before you decide to invest in the high-quality packing material. If fragile items are a crucial part of your website, then make sure you pick the quality materials.

woman handing over the package to the man
Your package must be safe and made out of quality materials.

Invest in your packing materials

Having quality packing materials is a must. Here’s our suggestions for e-commerce packing and shipping materials:

  • Don’t forget to invest in wooden packing crates in Bahrain, for starters. Most of the items will go inside, and if you have a warehouse that is very tall, chances are that you’ll need to pick up the crates and place them way up.
  • If the cardboard box fails, which they do, this may cost you a significant amount of money.
  • If nothing, use the double-walled cardboard box. They are light but have stronger walls which won’t break down as easily when they come in contact with moisture.
  • The fillers in your boxes are also very important. Many online retailers use foam fillers or packing peanuts. This is your choice, and experimenting with it will yield the best results.
  • Tape should have a strong adhesive, and it should be wide.
  • Plastic bags and plastic boxes are something that you’ll have to invest in if your items are vulnerable to moisture
Quality cardboard box
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E-commerce packing process

Offshore shipping companies in Bahrain always practice packing one item per box. That ensures that the box is of the proper size and that item doesn’t move. When you’re packing the item, wrap it in the bubble wrap, the paper wrap, or whatever’s appropriate before you place the fillers. If your items are fragile, consider packing the item in two boxes, where you’re placing the fillers in the second box too. E-commerce packing and shipping isn’t an easy feat, and it requires time, energy, and extremely good organization. Make sure you devote yourself to details and see how your sales go through the roof!


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