The pros and cons of using plastic moving bins

When we think about moving, the first thing most of us picture is – cardboard boxes. And, of course, everything else that has to come with them – the duct tape, bubble wrap, scalpels, etc. But, does it have to be that way? Luckily, it doesn’t. Did you know that you can use plastic bins for moving? You are probably imagining your Tupperware as you’re reading this, but the truth is, plastic moving bins are much sturdier and much bigger than the everyday. Tupperware you use for veggies and leftovers. So, let’s talk about why using plastic moving bins would be a good idea, but also why you might want to avoid them in certain cases.

Using plastic moving bins makes packing and unpacking a breeze

Let’s picture this: you have to pack your living room into cardboard boxes. You start with picture frames, vases, ornaments, china from the cabinet, your wedding porcelain. Then you move on to the photo albums, miscellaneous items you keep in the drawers of the TV shelf, books. And your livingroom packing is going great. After that you’ve got cushions, sofa covers, perhaps some tablecloths you keep in the cabinet with the wedding china? How are you going to pack all of these? You have to be careful – you don’t want to damage anything.

There are better ways to move your livingroom, you just have to find them

Let’s go through the process, shall we?

You start piling up the books. Fill up the first box. Then you realize it’s too heavy and the cardboard box will rip if you try to lift it. You move half the books to another box. You fill up the other half of the boxes with something lighter – cushions perhaps? Then you start packing the picture frames and vases – remember to put lots of bubble wrap inside! Then when you’re done you want to load the boxes onto the moving truck. You put the cushions in, then the books – but wait, you have to put the heaviest items on the bottom! Start over – first the books, then the fragile items, and finally, something not so heavy.

Phew! This was exhausting.

Did you know that you don’t have to go through this process when using plastic moving bins? The bottom of the bins fits right into the lid, so they can all be stacked on top of each other without slipping. They are sturdy and you don’t have to worry about distributing weight. It doesn’t matter in which order you stack them. It is also much easier when unpacking – you can get transparent boxes so it’s easy to see what’s inside and you don’t have to go through all of them to find what you’re looking for. They have lids and once you open a box you can easily close it again, unlike cardboard boxes, which need to be taped. Obviously packing and unpacking is much easier when you use plastic moving bins. You can also look into some packing companies in Bahrain who’d be more than happy to step in and help with this tiring job. This way, it will be easier.

Sturdier than cardboard

There are more events that you should use plastic moving bins. This is noteworthy if you are relocating your business. Plastic bins are a much better option when moving documents. You can stack more papers into a plastic bin than a cardboard box of approximately the same size. We’re sure that you also have some heavy items in your home that would be risky to put into a cardboard box. Just a thought.

It’s best to pack papers, books, and documents into plastic bins

Plastic bins are waterproof

Plastic bins are waterproof, which means it is highly unlikely your belongings might get damaged by water, humid, or mold. This is especially important when it comes to books or clothes, don’t you think? You can move during a storm – nothing but the air can get inside the boxes. If you have liquids in one of the boxes and something spills during the transit, there is no way it can leak through the plastic bin and damage things in other boxes. Also, keep in mind that when cardboard gets wet it can easily collapse, which is not the case when using plastic bins.

Eco-friendly option

Although you might think at first that cardboard is more eco-friendly, think again. Plastic bins can be used hundreds of times. And not only for moving! Once you’ve moved to your new home, you can use the bins for storage. Where would you normally keep your seasonal clothes? How about in the garage, or on the attic? Once they’re safely closed in the plastic bin, you don’t have to worry about the bad smells or mold. Actually, you might even grow old without ever having to throw the plastic boxes away. If you’re a real nature lover, you can always opt for those made of biodegradable materials.

Cardboard stacked and ready for recycling
Cardboard may seem like the eco-friendly option, but think again

What are the cons of using plastic moving bins?

If you need the boxes just so you can move your things from point A to point B, and you’re not planning on using them ever again, then buying plastic bins is an expensive solution for you. You can either use cardboard boxes or consider renting plastic bins. Another option is to look into cargo services in Bahrain, and figure out what kind of plan would be best for you.

How to know what to choose?

Eventually, it all comes down to your specific needs. Think it through and make a plan. Ask yourself whether you need boxes for storing things after you arrive at your destination. Do you even have any storage space where you’re going? If you are moving into a small apartment with very little storage space, then we’d suggest decluttering before anything else. Next, what kind of things are you mostly going to pack into the boxes? As we mentioned, heavy items are better off in the sturdy plastic bins.

Hopefully, we made it easier for you to make a choice – whether you’re going to be using plastic moving bins or not. Happy move!

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