The Most Common Airport Customs Questions

You should learn which are common airport customs questions so prepare for them and learn their importance. While some of them ask from you to explain where you travel, the other is more intimate. Bahrain customs clearance have a list of questions that are important in term of safety and good organization.

Know the basic questions

People who often go already know what they might ask.

  • The destination is essential for people at airports – they want to know where you will travel to in case you are on connection to another flight;
  • It is highly relevant to show your documents and visa to a worker at the airport – every import-export company know it so you should ask them for help;
  • Baggage that you have is usually one of the common airport customs questions – they must check your suitcases in case that you have one of the forbidden objects;
  • Reason for your traveling could be significant for people at customs clearance – they would love to know are you a tourist or you travel because of the job;
  • People at customs clearance will ask you if you go alone – for most people, there is only because of the organization, but still, you should tell the truth.

However, there are a lot of situations when people at customs clearance could ask much more than you expect. Airport customs questions could include your suitcase, or even how you have spent days in the country you come from. They could ask for the job you usually do. Whatever they ask, prepare yourself for questions and time they will need to spend there. They must report everything suspicious.

Sign rules
You must inform before traveling about documentation and rules at the customs clearance

One of the most common airports questions are related to the law

The crucial information that workers at airports must know has already defined a code. Every country has special legislation and official information you should tell them. However, do not forget that you need to provide them everything you know. It is crucial not to hide anything from them. Also, prepare documentation to avoid crowds and delaying.

Do you have anything to declare

One of the most common questions at the airport is about the goods you have bought. Even if they are not under the law, you should consider them as necessary. If you do not know if your products are under customs surveillance, as logistic services. They will prepare you properly.

Where are you flying

It is essential if you are flying from another country, and use the airport only as a connection, workers at the airport will ask you for the destination. It is a typical airport question, and you should not avoid answering it. For most people, it is a boring custom drill. However, you should explain you come from high-risk countries. Learn more from import customs clearance tutorial about customs questions.

How much cash you have

Every country could have problems with people who stay longer than they expected. It is even more critical if you do not have money to stay. You could easily stay without the needed food or place to sleep. So, they must know do you have money to stay. Also, many countries have defined the amount of money that foreign people must have per day.

Purpose of your trip

Most people travel because of two reasons – work or pleasure. However, you can go to visit the family or make a movie about not know the destination. People at the airport must see it. It is essential to recognize potential danger and drug smugglers.

Target group
Workers at customs clearance can recognize suspicious movements and bags

Private common airport customs questions

You may think that people at the airport must not ask questions from your private life. Unfortunately, they must ask you that, too. Do not avoid answering them, though. Many people consider it a breaking of the human rights law. It is not valid. You must answer on airport customs question in every circumstance.

Do you come alone

It is not just because of safety. They will ask you are you coming with family or friends to make a better organization. Usually, people who travel together come to the same officer at the customs clearance. It will help them to recognize smugglers, but also to finish the job faster.

Where you will be staying

Another not safety common airport question, but still very important. They must ask if you have an organized place to stay during your visit or not. In case you do not have, you could represent a potential risk for the country.

Are you here for the first time

Another question that you should answer if you want to pass the border regularly. It is not quite a safety question. More likely that they would love to estimate how serious and trustworthy you are.

Airport check-in
You should prepare yourself for waiting at check-in

Other common airport customs questions

There are a lot of common problems that airport workers will ask you. Do not surprise if they ask for insurance or the duration of your stay. They must make a profile of you and your traveling. Also, make sure that you have not hidden anything. They are professionals, so they could precisely say if you are not honest. Do not forget that every question they ask is essential for customs clearance procedures.

Do you have a health insurance

It is a fundamental question. Many countries in the world demand health insurance for every visitor. It worth even for those that are in transit. The reason is straightforward. In case something happens and you need a doctor. Not to mention situations as we have now with COVID-19. For more information, in this case, check the official site of the embassy in Bahrain about COVID-19.

What do you do

Many people at the airport are skilled in estimating how dangerous you are. In case you cannot answer this question or behave weirdly, they will know if something wrong is. However, you should not ask everything from your life. Short and simple is key.

Duration of your stay

It is one of the most common airport customs questions. Thanks to it, people at the airport could precisely say how dangerous you are. If you are in visitation, you will stay shorter. However, they will be suspicious if you are not sure in answer.

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