The importance of insuring your shipping container

While shipping cargo overseas gets safer and safer every day, accidents happen. Some might be out of anyone’s control, like storms or fires. While others might be the fault of the shipping company. Even though cargo companies in Bahrain have a great track record, insuring your shipping container will give you peace of mind. Especially when shipping expensive items. And allow you to minimize the damage in case of an accident. Here is why it is so important to buy the insurance and why you should do it. 

Insuring your shipping container is not mandatory but advisable

For most items shipping container insurance is not mandatory. But, that does not mean that you shouldn’t get it. Most shipping companies, Four Winds Bahrain included, give their best to keep your cargo safe. But even then, some situations are out of their control. Acts of God, as they are called, instances where nothing can be done, happen from time to time. Accidents at sea, storms, fires, and so on can destroy your shipment. And if that does happen, you should have a way to recuperate your losses. 

ship with shipping containers where you should insuring your shipping container
On a ship, a lot of accidents can happen so it is better to ensure your containers

Insuring your shipping container is useful in the case on an accident

Accidents happen. They can be due to the error of a shipping company. Or even due to your error, when using poor packing for example. And while both companies and governments are working hard to prevent accidents at sea, they are still something that you should be wary of. With insurance, if anything was to happen to your cargo you would be fully compensated. That’s something that gives both you and your business stability that can hardly be overstated. 

Lost shipment can sometimes spell disaster without insurance

If you are in a business where you have to ship expensive items, insuring your shipping container should be a must. Even though shipping companies in Bahrain are very reliable. You should never put all your eggs in one basket. One lost shipment can sometimes ruin an entire company. Especially if the shipment is very expensive. By having insurance you can greatly minimize the damage. It will still hurt your business, that’s hard to avoid in such situations. But you’ll have the funds to get back on your feet. 

man insuring shipping containers
It is very wise to ensure your shipping containers

Shipping companies are only liable to a certain degree

Outside of the damages that occur as an “act of God”, there are some instances where shipping companies are liable for the damages. But, only to a certain degree. Which makes insuring your shipping container even more important. And proving that the damage is caused by them is very difficult. It’s a long and painful process. Throughout the transport process, your container can be handled by multiple freight forwarding companies Bahrain. And pinpointing exactly when the damage occurred is next to impossible. So, to avoid the whole hassle, it’s much better to have the container insured. And not have to worry about such things.

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