The Different Types of Cargo that Companies Transport

Companies define different types of cargo for a reason. It is essential to understand that they need to explain the differences between them. Thanks to that, they can ship goods and equipment quickly. However, the best cargo service in Bahrain uses experience and knowledge to adjust them to particular types of cargo.

How does the cargo type affect transport?

It is much easier to transport goods when they know specifies of them. Depending on that, they could change the price and other conditions, too.

  • Size of cargo defines the type of shipping – there are a lot of ways to transport goods that are large or heavy;
  • Distance is critical to determine the type of shipment – it is not easy to ship on long-distance and oversea;
  • Services that shipping companies use depends on different types of cargo that they could have;
  • Sea cargo Bahrain surely works for every customer, but even they will make a difference between business and private shipment;
  • For most companies, it is vital if you have valuable items to transport – while some of them will not accept it, some others could charge much more than usual.

Types of cargo are essential to define, even for customers. You should know how to pack, control, and pay when having a specific load. Most people leave it to the companies to resolve. It is not bad, but you will be much more satisfied if you have control over it. Do not forget about a special price if you need to transport items faster.

There are lot of different types of shipping you can choose

Commercial shipment defines different types of cargo

If you have items for commercial usage of selling, you will need to use cargo shipment. However, you still need to determine which type of load you have. For most people, it is essential because of the final price, too. However, companies know that type of shipment also depends on the size and final cost of delivery.

General cargo

Even 80% of goods that companies transport over the world belongs to this group. It includes freight that they must pack and transport individually, but not in containers. It means that they should put in boxes, crates, or bags. The most critical, Four Winds Bahrain company ship general cargo in different sizes.

Bulk liquid cargo

Sometimes you need to transport a large amount of liquid. It is not possible to carry everything bottles. In that case, you need to use specialized shipping services. The easiest way is to put it in tankers, specially made for liquid. Usually, they transport oil in this way. However, you can carry every type of cash, even juices.

It is obvious that you need to transport liquids in special vehicles


Whenever you say oversea shipping, you inevitably think of large vessels. It is the most common shipping method after the general cargo. They use special cranes for transportation. The best part is that more than one client could put their goods in one container. For those reasons, they use a particular system with numbers, so your package is safe.

Among different types of cargo are dangerous and hazardous items

It is essential to know which of your items are dangerous for shipping. Most people know that it is not easy to transport of dangerous items. They prepare unique tools and packages for them. Also, they need to protect themselves from it. Companies, though, will charge more for them and use specialized equipment to protect people there. As most important, you will need appropriate documentation in most cases.

Bulk cargo

It is a name for goods that usually comes without packages. We must transport them differently than boxes and containers. It is essential to protect them from damaging and losing because they do not have excellent packages. In most cases, it is petrol and oil. However, you can transport grain, coal, or even gravel. There are select vehicles and ships for it.

Project cargo

It is a particular type of freight where items are cumbersome. In most cases, it includes critical pieces of equipment. However, there are not many situations where a private person organizes shipping of them. Most companies do it in their way. Because of the weight, they must use specialized transportation, too.

There are different types of transporting, too

Refrigerated cargo

In some cases, you will need to transport food. There are select vehicles for those situations. It includes individual temperature-controlled ships and containers. People use it for food and medications, where specialized persons must control and follow the shipment.

Other different types of cargo that we could ship oversea

There are a lot of cargo types that we could transport. For most of us, those are well-known, but we forget them. There are a lot of things that we use every day, thanks to shipping companies. Also, people belong to one of the types of cargo. We must transport ourselves, too.

Passenger cargo

People travel, too, so they are particular types of cargo. Since we need to transport them, also, we use select vehicles for it. You cannot put them in tankers or ships, though. There are a lot of very comfortable vehicles for people nowadays. In most cases, you need to have a person that controls it and takes care of documentation.

Roll-on/roll-off cargo

These types of cargo presume to transport of cargo with wheels. It includes cars, but also different types of vehicles, tools, and equipment with wheels. You will need proper documentation for this, including allowances. Most of those subjects should have tax free or at least confirmation that you can freely import in a new country.
On the other hand, this type of transport is costly, so learn how to save on car transport. You will need as much money to keep as you can. These different types of cargo come to their new owners every day.

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