The art of packing fragile items: tips on how to do it like an expert

It is time to endure one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. Moving your home can be exhausting, time-consuming, and costly. And it is all because you have so many things to do before the moving day. You must organize, pack safely, and search for moving companies Bahrain to assist you. But probably the most complicated part is to pack your entire home. Packing fragile items in particular. It is a delicate matter that will drive you crazy if not done properly. Therefore, let us help you with this one and pack your fragile items properly.

Packing fragile items with a reliable company by your side

Before we even begin explaining how to pack everything, we must point out that you can skip the whole process. Simply by enlisting one of the packing companies in Bahrain to handle it instead. Moving companies offer all kinds of moving supplies and materials to support your needs. Also, they have all the knowledge, experience, and tools to load and unload your cargo. Moreover, they possess the highest-quality moving vehicles designed for this occasion. And finally, this service is affordable to anyone. Let the professional moving team bring everything, pack you, and relocate safely. You can even purchase the full package and have them unpack you as well. It is up to you.

A man using a forklift
Find a professional shipping company and be sure your cargo is handled properly.

Now, let us explain further down the line how you can do it yourself. More importantly, each step you must take along the way to secure your cargo and ship it the right way. Then you can compare the two and figure out what is the best course of action.

How to do it yourself?

The very first step is to realize how much stuff you have. Of course, you will be making a moving checklist and list everything down nicely so you won’t forget a thing along the way. Add an inventory list to it and you are all set. So, once you have the final number, you will know how many packing supplies you must purchase. And if you are packing fragile items you will need quite a few. But do not worry, you can obtain everything at your nearest store or purchase online. And as we mentioned earlier, you can order everything through your moving company. Now, note that you must obtain cardboard moving boxes, plastic bins, packing tape, cushion, and labels.

A wooden hammer smashing an egg
You can do some things yourself but let professionals take care of extremely fragile items.

Moreover, you shouldn’t forget all those miscellaneous items you will need for the packing process. Obtain one box cutter or a pair of scissors, and a basic set of tools with a hammer and a screwdriver will be sufficient.

A thorough inventory list is required when packing fragile items

Before you start packing fragile items you should focus on your inventory list. Add items gradually after each box is ready. It is important to know where your stuff is. Not only to have an easier unpacking process but to inspect everything quicker upon arrival. Especially for fragile and expensive items like artwork, antiques, and memorabilia. Therefore, make an inventory list and a labeling system to match each box with an item on the list. It will keep you organizes and you won’t lose sight of your belongings.

Crating methods

We will quickly cover a few crating methods that will make your life easier. Firstly, take note that any container you use for this purpose comes in various sizes. You can purchase small, medium, and large ones. It depends on what you need them for. So, as for cardboard boxes, you should always use small and medium-sized for fragile items. They can easily break if overloaded and you do not want that to happen. Then, plastic bins are amazing but a bit more expensive because they are reusable. But nonetheless, probably the best packing container out there. It will keep your items shielded from environmental influence as well against physical damage. And of course, we have metal containers that are the best option if you want to store hazardous materials. If you by any chance want to move such items, this is your solution.

packing fragile items in wooden crates is the way to go
Use wooden crates to add an additional layer of protection when packing fragile items

Finally, we have a wooden crate which is something most shipping companies use. You can store your already secured item in an additional wooden layer that is easy to transport, sturdy, and secured. Hence, figure out what combination is the best for you and call your movers to finalize the whole deal. Consider utilizing a door to door cargo Bahrain service for easier completion and better execution.

Various packing materials and their use

We already covered the essential batch of materials you should obtain. Now we will explain how to use them in action. Consider the following:

  • Boxes – Ensure each box is assembled the right way. Add an additional layer of tape from all sides to make it more stable.
  • Cushion – You can use blister packs, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, or a substitution you already have at home. Those are blankets, old clothing, sheets, pillows, etc.
  • Wrapping – Wrap each fragile item. Use packing paper or bubble wrap for this occasion.
  • Packing method – Do not place heavier boxes on top of the ones that are holding your fragile items. Hence, big and heavy boxes on the bottom while small and fragile ones on the top.
  • Labeling – Establish a labeling system most suited for you. Use it as a guide through your inventory list and know where your items are at all times. But, the purpose of labeling is mostly to make your movers aware of the content inside. Label each box with the “FRAGILE” sign and it should be enough.

Safety protocols

Yes, your moving and shipping company must follow all the rules and regulations tied to this process. With the safety protocols in place, you won’t have to worry about the thing. All you must do is pack properly so if anything happens, it won’t be your fault. But, to add another safety measure on top of it, you can purchase moving insurance. You can do it either via a moving company or seek full coverage from an insurance company. Whatever suits you best. Just ensure that your cargo is secured and that you have peace of mind.

Packing fragile items does not seem so hard after reading this piece. Now you know how to handle each step and pack like a pro. Hopefully, you will choose the right moving company as well and have a pleasant experience. Good luck!

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