Storage size guide: the basics

Self-storage units come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You may need temporary storage space for furniture while you relocate or a long-term solution to storing important personal documents. Either way, the size of a self-storage unit depends on the client’s requirements. Luckily, understanding this storage size guide by Four Winds Bahrain will help you find the best unit for your needs. It will also ensure you pay only for as much space as you require. In this self-storage guide, we’ll take a look at the most common types of units and lockers we can offer in our secure storage facilities.

shipping dock where our storage size guide starts
The 100 sq ft container is the size of a single garage, so is often used as a ‘second garage’, due to its size and available storage space.

Storage lockers 10sqft (1 cubic meter)

The smallest of all self-storage units are the secure storage lockers. These provide a handy space for people to store some of their smaller contents. It can also serve as an effective storage space for temporary home offices. These are enough to fit in a box of your belongings, a home computer, and a monitor, or a couple of rucksacks.

Storage size guide: 16 Sq Ft (approx. 1.4sqm)

This size is ideal for storing bags of items or 4 small boxes, like an attic overspill for example. A 16 sq ft unit is comparable in the storage size guide to a double wardrobe. It has a minimum height of 7 ft which also allows you to store your belongings vertically.

25 Sq Ft (approx 2.3sqm)

The next unit in our storage size guide is the 25 sq ft unit. The size of the space could be compared to the size of a telephone box or a small garden shed. These units are perfect for people who are going through the process of downsizing. Maybe you don’t have a huge amount of furniture because you hired freight forwarders Bahrain and you just require a space to declutter and store up to 40 medium-sized boxes. As with all of the different sizes, this storage unit usually has a high ceiling, making it an ideal solution for storing your belongings.

Storage size guide: 50 Sq Ft (approx 4.6sqm)

  • The spacious 50 sq ft unit is ideal for people who need to store enough items to fill a transit van or regular garage. However, this size is often practical to those moving from or into a one-bedroom flat, but there is more available space for any extra items you might need to keep in long-term storage in Bahrain
  • Small businesses may find this option the ideal size for storing their products.
shipping containers
The 125 Sq Ft unit is definitely ideal for those moving to or from a 3-bed house.

150sqft (approx 14 sqm)

Equivalent to a 20ft shipping container, the 150 sq ft unit is perfect for the contents of at least a 3-bed house. Additionally, it can potentially even fit 4 bedrooms, plus the garage contents. Remember, our storage units are available in much larger sizes than those mentioned in this post, just contact us and we can arrange for you to see them and rent them as well! Here we have covered units that most customers tend to ask about.

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