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If you need professional heavy equipment movers and installation, Four Winds Bahrain is here for you. We have many years of experience and great workers, so we can transport loads of different sizes and weights to any location in the country and abroad. Our professional team is also trained to relocate, if necessary, moving plant machinery and aircraft parts logistics or other special needs you have. Four Winds Bahrain company has all kinds of tools and equipment – forklifts, hydraulic lifts, robots, cranes, etc. – to perform even the most difficult tasks! Contact us today and get a free estimate for our heavy equipment relocation services Bahrain!

heavy equipment movers and installation
If you need professional heavy equipment movers and installation, Four Winds Bahrain is here for you.

Professional heavy equipment movers and installation

We not only offer services for heavy equipment movers and installation, but we also offer storage services Bahrain and aircraft parts logistics service. So once you hire Four Winds Bahrain, this is our promise to you:

  • Clear deadlines. We do everything on time and according to your schedule.
  • Fastest and most reliable transportation when moving plant machinery.
  • 100% guarantee that the cargo is safe and secure.
  • Our company knows all the laws and regulations in other countries to carry on transport to any location abroad.
  • Possibility to rent machinery warehouses or storage and keep your items safe.


When you are looking for heavy equipment movers and installation or moving plant machinery, the first thing that comes to mind is the price. Due to the specificity of the cargo, we carry out a free estimate of the cost to move heavy equipment. We are at your disposal 00-24h for any questions you may have.

The evaluation of our services is completely free of charge… And is performed by our agent at a time that suits you.! The cost of transporting the machines does not fall into the standard because it is a special type of cargo. However, you will certainly be very happy with the price just like our service. For any additional information regarding the transport itself, the necessary preparations and the price you can call some of our contact phones.


Special cargo and heavy equipment are the categories of cargo that most often cause the biggest headaches for those who own it when it is necessary to arrange the relocation or transportation of these items. These are loads that are very specific in their dimensions, shapes, weights, and other characteristics. The biggest problem is that they cannot be maneuvered without special equipment and tools used in the loading, unloading, transport and the like. Heavy equipment moving and installation for you may be real trouble… But for us these are the things we can help you with if you need to transfer it to another location.

You can rely on the expedited heavy equipment movers and installation services of Four Winds Bahrain
Heavy equipment causes the biggest headaches when it is necessary to arrange the relocation or transportation.

Our moving company in Bahrain has equipment with special categories of vehicles, that are both modern and new. The most important thing is that all our vehicles have adequate machines and additional tools to handle your special loads. Whether you need a crane, or perhaps a forklift to handle your heavy equipment, we can provide you with everything you need. Our company makes sure to keep your cargo loaded and protected in our vehicles throughout transportation. Also, our workers know the best ways to secure your plant machinery from any damage during loading, transport, and unloading. We have already done everything necessary to increase transport safety, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with the professionals in the relocation business.

Heavy equipment require special relocation

Special loads do indeed require special treatment. Whether they are of over-sized cargo, or of particularly high value, or of non-standard cargo, and cannot, therefore, be easily accommodated in any vehicle. We do not make any questions about what your heavy equipment or plant machinery you have. Our company is quick to solve every situation and we pack, load and transport every cargo where it is needed.

The special cargo category also includes all types of machines and production lines that you can use in different productions. That’s why our moving company can transport maybe your copier… But it can also move your entire casino from one place to another! We can transport all the safes and registers that you have in your company. Also, any construction machines that people use for heavy work and industry production. Also, we can arrange transportation for all your works of art and antiques of great real and sentimental value. With this, all your musical instruments from clarinet to a piano… And anything else that requires special handling and special treatment in maneuvering and transportation.

We move anything else that requires special handling and special treatment in maneuvering and transportation.

Our company can also assist you in obtaining all the necessary documentation for the carriage of special cargoes along with aircraft parts logistics. Bear in mind that special cargoes during transportation can pose an additional challenge for other road users. That’s why it is necessary to meet all the regulatory requirements to protect your heavy equipment during transport and ensure that transport is carried out safely.

Our workers have the knowledge and the strength

Special cargo operations are very complex. That’s why we employ more people who, in addition to physical strength, must possess the knowledge of carrying such cargo. Before any transport, our colleagues check whether it is at all possible to move as the client intends, or whether the machine can go through all the premises. Your machines will be well-packed with shotgun foil and cardboard packaging and additionally secured when driving.

Call us now for any heavy equipment moving and installation

Our advantage is that we have skillful heavy equipment movers and the installation of machines is a daily task for us. Four Winds company is in this business for a very long time… So we have enough experience to be able to advise you and transport special cargo for you! Our employees are true professionals who put their services and their time at your disposal. All our vehicles are fully customized for special cargo. All you need to do is contact us and you will see the professional relocation of plant machinery unfold before your eyes!