Reasons why container use is on the rise

Shipping items back and forth has always been an integral part of world trade and the movement of people and items in general. And with technological innovation and standardization, container use is on the rise. And has been for quite some time. There are many reasons for that. From more affordable shipping costs to better protection for the items inside.  But, let’s start from the beginning.

The story of the container 

The shipping industry has always been a big factor in human development. From ancient times people had a need to ship items via land or sea to different parts of the world. Ever since humans learned how to make bronze, the need for large-scale trade and transportation with it has developed. But, as the world globalized and became interconnected, it’s been more important than ever to optimize shipping as much as possible. And, the containerization system played a big role in making shipping faster and more affordable. Which in turn, made them an integral part of trade and shipping. And container use is on the rise to this day. But keep in mind, you need to find a reliable logistics company, like Four Winds Bahrain, to help you safely ship your containers, 

rise of containers in shipping
Cargo containers are synonymous with shipping today. But it hasn’t always been so.

The rise and use of a shipping container

When you imagine a cargo ship, you probably think of a large seafaring vessel literally covered by shipping containers. But it hasn’t always been so. Items weren’t always packed in neat standardized containers. Goods were usually handled manually as something called breakbulk cargo. Where every company would have its own packaging system. Loading and unloading ships took more time than actually traveling to the destination. Enter the standardized shipping container. Without them, we would never have such organized and quick cargo services in Bahrain. Nor would we be able to transport items so cheaply across the globe. And it’s all thanks to Benjamin Franklin Fitch. Who conceived the first standardized container in 1917. 

How did the use of a shipping container help the rise of world trade?

As we already said, before the standardized shipping containers were used, most items didn’t come prepackaged in containers that can be neatly stacked on cargo ships. Everything had to be hauled by hand. Or with the use of crude machinery. Injuries in dock workers were quite frequent. And the loading and transport of cargo were very slow. And consequently quite expensive. But, with the introduction of standardized shipping containers that all changed. They allowed for a much safer and faster means of loading cargo ships. And allowed for, for example, consolidated shipping services Bahrain among many other shipping-related services. So it proliferated trade, shipping, and the movement of people and goods. And with container use on the rise, made a lasting change to the world economy. 

container use in docks
Containers make for much quicker loading and unloading times

Containers use is on the rise because of their standardized dimensions

Shipping containers add many different benefits to the worldwide shipping industry. And one of those is that they are standardized. While there are many different types of shipping containers in use today, they all conform to a single norm. Some of the most popular types of shipping containers in use today are: 

  • Dry storage containers
  • Flat rack containers
  • Open top containers
  • Tunnel containers
  • Open side storage container
  • Refrigerated ISO containers
  • Insulated or thermal containers
  • And many others

All those containers have standardized sizes. But their different designs and dimensions allow for the transport of many different items. That means that no matter what you are shipping, there is a standardized container for that. So, if you are moving plant machinery, for example, there’s a container for that. Same as if you are moving a hundred tons of bananas. Or even items that need to be refrigerated. 

Standard dimension allow for easier transport

While there are some limitations to using standardized shipping containers, the benefits outweigh them. A standard container can be transported by sea, air, rail, or road. All without having to change the container mid-shipping. Which makes for much more affordable freight forwarding. Dock cranes are designed around those dimensions. And all of that greatly speeds up the whole process of shipping goods. 

dock cranes and shipping containers
Dock cranes are designed around shipping container dimensions

Container use is on the rise for business in different industries

The standardized nature of shipping containers means that they can be used in many different industries. Companies no longer have to transport their products to a packing facility. And load them onto containers there. Companies transport many different types of cargo. And they know their products the best. So it’s beneficial to load items into a container in-house. A truck can bring the container into the production facilities. And factory workers can load them as soon as the goods are produced. From there, they won’t have to change the container until they arrive at their final destination. 

Storage container use is on the rise because of its versatility

Those same shipping containers make a great storage solution. You can have them parked near your company or even on private property. And use them as temporary or even long-term storage. They are large enough so they can fit almost anything that you want to store in them. And there are many ways to keep them in good condition and protect them from harsh weather. Many people use them to store their spare items, tools, or even vehicles. And they are becoming more and more popular in residential use-cases.

Container use in residential relocation is on the rise

Another area where container use is on the rise is the moving industry. Instead of movers coming to your home, packing your items, and loading them in a truck, you can do it yourself. They can unload the container in front of your home. And when it’s ready for transport, they will simply pick it up and transport it. It’s useful for both local and international relocation. It allows residents to pack at their own pace. And to load items as they see fit. And it saves time for a moving company that would otherwise have to do all of that in a single day. Which in turn makes for much affordable relocation fees.


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