Reasons for insuring items for global shipping

Package forwarding is a secure, dependable, simple, and affordable way to buy from the US and ship your items internationally. Plus if you start getting nervous when forwarding your purchases overseas, you can always opt for extra insurance. Don’t worry, Four Winds Bahrain have a full guide for you to make the best decision. Take the following factors into account when insuring items for global shipping.

female hands counting money for insuring items for global shipping
International shipping insurance will not only protect against potential loss or damage, but it will also protect you from stress.

Ensuring items for global shipping depends on what country Is your shipment going to

  • This factor is crucial. You need to decide how much you trust the importing authorities of the destination country. In some scenarios, your shipment may make it safely out of the US and to its destination. But before authorities can deliver it to your door, it has to go through customs.
  • Some countries, like Japan, have a pristine reputation for their safety and honesty. You could probably send an envelope full of cash through their customs. And, it would arrive at your doorstep without a single note missing. (Still, you should not do this because shipping currency is prohibited!)
  • Other countries might be less reliable with shipments. But you won’t experience any conveniences with temperature controlled storage facility Bahrain. Sometimes customs officers might be less conscientious, dependable, or careful. Then your expensive items might not receive the care you would hope for them. If you have a suspicion that the destination of your shipment falls into this second category, call us! And definitely opt for insuring items for global shipping.

Which freight forwarders are you using to ship your items internationally?

  • You will automatically be insuring items for global shipping when you use most carriers, including DHL, UPS, and USPS. However, if the value of your shipment is over $100, you’ll have to choose whether or not you want extra international shipping insurance.
  • With this option, private carriers (DHL or UPS) are usually more dependable than government carriers (USPS). It is one of the most affordable ways to ship cargo to Bahrain. However, once it arrives at its final destination, it may be out of the carrier’s control.
  • If you ship via DHL, DHL will transfer your package to your door. You can be fairly certain that they will take care of your package since it’s under their name the entire way.
  • On the other hand, if you’re forwarding a shipment with USPS, your package will have to go from USPS tracking to the care of the postal service at your destination country. If you don’t have confidence in the local postal service, that might be another reason to consider insuring items for global shipping.
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If you’ve considered the above factors and still can’t decide, simply opt for international shipping insurance and relax.

What did you purchase and where is it coming from?

  • How does this work? For instance, if you have bought a laptop straight from the manufacturer (e.g. Apple or Dell), it’s probably going to come in a pretty sturdy package. The reliable package should be able to withstand a good deal of shifting and tumbling and still arrive safely.
  • On the other hand, if you bought a second-hand laptop, the seller may only wrap it in a thin sheet of plastic. So if you’re worried about it going overseas, you should consider additional international shipping insurance.

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