Pros and cons of FCL vs LCL shipping

Are you thinking about which shipping method is the best option for you? FCL vs LCL shipping is a debate that exists for a long time, and Four Winds Bahrain is here to help you understand the pros and cons of both shipping methods. If you’re curious whether you should ship by full container load or less than container load, then keep on reading to find out which opinion is a better fit for you! 

When thinking about FCL vs LCL shipping method, make sure that you have enough merchandise to fill in the full container for the FLC shipping method.

FCL vs LCL shipping

So, what do FCL and LCL shipping mean? Before we dig deeper into it, keep in mind that you can always turn to Consolidated Shipping Bahrain for services and advice if you can’t make up your mind about which shipping method to choose!
Let’s get into it: FCL means Full container load, while LCL means less than container load. When you use the FCL method, you have to have enough merchandise to fill in the full container. If you don’t want to have many items in stock, but to order them continuously, you will need less than a container load option which is a little more expensive per volume unit.

The pros and cons of LCL

LCL pros:

  • LCL is suitable if you don’t want to order large quantities, which means that you don’t have to load up your inventory. This prevents the potential loss of money in case you don’t sell or use all of the items. LCL is also more flexible when it comes to the time the container can be in the harbor.  So, why doesn’t everyone use LCL? Read about the LCL cons to find out.
  • LCL cons:  It’s not as cheap as FCL. It’s only logical that companies prefer to ship full containers as opposed to just partially filled ones. That’s why aircraft parts logistics are better handled by FCL, since they are very heavy and can require the full container, for example. LCL containers can be prone to delays much more than the FLC due to the various shippers that are using it.
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LCL is a convenient method when you don’t want to load up your inventory.

FCL pros and cons

  • FLC pros: This method of delivery is quicker than if you were to use LCL. When it arrives at the port it’s instantly unloaded and the items are delivered to the buyer. With LCL, the container can stay at the port longer.
    You can also ship much bigger quantities of the items than you would be able to with LCL. You also have all the rights on one container which makes it much safer because it doesn’t get in contact with any of the other shippers. FCL is a great choice when you have an urgent situation because it gives you the
  • FCL cons: They are very hard to find during the peak shipping season which is usually in the summer, from August to October. That’s when it’s best to use LCL even if it costs you more than FCL would.

In the end, no method is better than the other – they each have different pros and cons. They are both suitable for moving belongings overseas, but they’re also good options when shipping merchandise. In the FCL vs LCL shipping debate, there’s no winner. To pick the right one, you need to rely solely on logic and the knowledge of your own situation.


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