Popular jobs for expats in Bahrain

Are you considering moving to Bahrain soon, but you’re not sure which jobs for expats in Bahrain are popular? Relocation companies Bahrain do their best to help people move abroad in the search for adventure, business opportunities, and a higher standard of living. We know relocation isn’t an easy time in anyone’s life. If you want to move to Bahrain, we’re here to help you understand Bahrain’s job market and see if you have a real chance of making it there. There are numerous jobs for expats in Bahrain, and the upside to Bahrain compared to the other Eastern countries is that the women are often found in the business niche. To find out what more Bahrain has to offer to expats, keep on reading!

Why do people move to Bahrain?

There are numerous reasons why people move all around the globe. When it comes to moving to Bahrain, it’s usually in the search for a job. Here are a few short facts that you should know about:

  • Bahrain is a small set of islands in the Persian Gulf.
  • The capital city of Bahrain is Manama.
  • Living in Bahrain will bring you an unexpected mix of modern and traditional, which can seem much more different, at first, than it really is. You will get accustomed to the language easily, to the way of life, and enjoy all that Bahrain has to offer.
  • People generally consider Bahrain as a stepping stone to life in other Eastern countries. There are numerous people who are expats in Bahrain, which means that a lot of people from foreign countries also live there. Moreover, this is an indicator that there are numerous jobs for expats in Bahrain.

    People move to Bahrain because of job opportunities and a higher standard of living.

    Some other reasons for moving to Bahiran include:

  • A higher standard of living 
  • Higher raises than in the home country 
  • Bigger homes which can accommodate the whole family 
  • Better schools and education opportunities 

What are Bahrain’s most developed work sectors?

Bahrain is quite famous for its banking and construction sectors. That’s where many of the expats find their jobs, especially at the beginning of their transition to Bahrain. Initially, Bahrain was well known for its large oil industry. In the recent past, Bahrain has taken numerous measures to diversify its economy and introduce other areas other than the petroleum industry. The goal is to offer more different jobs to both locals and foreigners. Because of its progress in those areas, Bahrain has become home to the branches or headquarters of numerous multinational companies. This means that jobs can be found in other sectors, not only in the banking, finance, construction, or petroleum industry. You just have to do thorough research!

Working in Bahrain

It’s not easy to find a job in Bahrain in a short amount of time. To find one, you can try to do it in two ways. The first one is going there, being on a classic tourist visa, and trying to find work in a short amount of time. Many people try to find work that way, but it’s very hard to find a job when you have limited time to spend there. The option that’s much more convenient, easier to plan out, and offers much more security is to get hired from one of the aboard agencies. Those agencies usually look for workers from a specific niche, or for the workers within the same company that is willing to relocate. If you are in the position to move within a company, that can be your way in.

jobs for expats in Bahrain
Many jobs for expats in Bahrain are in tourism, finance, and banking.

Tourism is a sector with numerous jobs for expats in Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular spot for tourists, and tourism is a well-developed sector in Bahrain. You can find a job in various places that have to do with cafes, restaurants, hotels, and clubs. This means that you can work as a receptionist, as a waiter or a cook, or as a manager in those places. This also means that you can find a job working as a part of the kitchen crew or food and beverage manager. Sometimes, there’s also a place for security guards. Tourism is one of the most developed sectors on the islands, which is why there are always new people needed for the job. Bahrain’s developing rate promises even more jobs in this sector in the future. With Bahrain diversifying its economy and becoming a more popular tourist destination, the prospects for tourism are very good.

Banking and finance are amongst the most popular niches

There are numerous jobs available in banking and finance. This means that you can often find job positions for accountants, bank officials, financial analysts. or consultants. Marketing is also well developed, and there are open positions for assistant managers, sales associates, managers, sales representatives.

Construction is on the rise

Since construction is a very big field, and a source of income for Bahrain, there are always open positions for various types of engineers. There are also many jobs in some of the Bahrain shipping companies. Some of the most sought-after are the ones with a degree in electrical engineering mechanical engineering, construction, civil engineering, and similar backgrounds. They’re also still on the lookout for example installation supervisor, automation supervisor, and managers.

construction workers
Construction is one of the most popular industries, besides the oil industry, in Bahrain.

What about the remote work?

Just like in the rest of the world, the IT sector is growing rapidly. One of the big advantages of the IT sector is there a possibility for remote work. That means that you might be able to land a job even if you do not live there, but if you want to move a lot of opportunities for programmers as well as for designers. Still, the best possible way to go around relocating to Bahrain is to find work through the agency. While there are many jobs for expats in Bahrain, you need to start your moving preparations early. If you succeed, you’ll need someone to help you with the move. Hire one of the best moving companies Bahrain has to offer. You too can have the move of your dreams!

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