Planning A Family Move To Riyadh: Tips And Tricks

The family move to Riyadh has a lot of challenges. You should make a serious plan and make it simpler and faster. However, you should pay attention to a lot of things. For example, you should prepare for trouble with the documents. On the other hand, you can easily organize the job with the help of removal companies in Bahrain. It depends on you how you will make it happen.

Do not forget that moving with the family is very stressful and complicated; not only that, you will have a severe problem with the documentation. You will indeed have emotional baggage that travels with you. Prepare your family for that step. Talk with the children and adapt yourself to changes.

Family in front of the new home
You should accept this as a new phase in life

Documents you will need for the family move to Riyadh

Bahrain is an amiable and open country for ex-pats. However, you should accept their law and prepare documents that they demand. Do not forget that they will make the whole procedure harder if you do not ready on time. So, ask professionals for help, and do not forget to ask for all needed licenses and allowances.

  • Documents that you will need for a family move to Riyadh presume passports but also numerous of allowances, certifications, and documents from the school;
  • Packing could be incredibly hard if you do it alone – so leave it to the international movers Bahrain to organize instead of you;
  • Check how life in Riyadh is organized and if you can adopt to it – there are a lot of things that you should be prepared of when moving there;
  • There are a lot of bans that this country has – in most cases, you will need to have a unique wardrobe or do not drive a car if you are a woman;
  • It would help if you prepared yourself for a new culture, high religious impact, and outstanding cuisine – it could be challenging and exciting.

Documents and visa

You will need to have a visa when moving to Riyadh with the family. Especially if plan to move in the long term. It would help if you had a job and a working visa, too. Do not worry about stuff, no matter how many things you have. Door to door cargo Bahrain companies organizes it easily and fast.

School and job

Whenever you go to Riyadh, you should prepare the family for that trip. It should not be a problem, but do not forget that you will need documents. In most cases, you will need to find a new school for your children. Also, prepare documents for customs clearance Bahrain.

Ruch and expensive

Thanks to the high economic growth, Riyadh is one of the Middle East’s financial centers. It presumes high prices and undoubtedly one of the most essential shopping centers. However, prepare for high prices, too. You should save money whenever you can. Ask for a free estimate and organize the budget for moving.

The family move to Riyadh will bring changes in lifestyle

It is hard to move to another country without preparation. However, change in lifestyle could seriously affect the stability of your family. Especially children could hardly accept those changes. Do not allow yourself to neglect this huge change that happens in your life. After all, you have time to prepare for it before moving.

You will not have the same lifestyle like before moving but Riyadh is a very interesting place


There is a large community in Bahrain that could help you in the first days after moving. People from all over the world have come here to work and live. So, if you want to be one of them, you should accept differences and significant cultural changes. In most cases, you will have ample opportunity to have new friends here.

Culture is different here

You should know that cultural life in Riyadh is different than in the western world. Although there are great places for ex-pats, you should prepare for a little different lifestyle. Their culture is connected to religion, so you should prepare for that, too.

Lifestyle is specific

You surely know that Riyadh people do not live the same as in the rest of the world. Most of them connect their lives to religious holidays and obligations. So, you should adapt to it and learn to respect their time to pray, celebrating, and other daily duties.

There are no fun activities like in the rest of the world

You may be surprised that Riyadh does not have many things that the western world has. They have no theaters, cinemas, but also everyday wardrobe and music in public. For many people, it could be a little hard to adapt to the world without concerts or movie premieres, but it is one thing you should accept.

Bans that could make your family move to Riyadh harder

Bahrain has a few exciting bans and prohibitions that western people could not understand. Besides the everyday things that they do not allow like explosives or gasoline, stuff on that list could surprise us. Among them are alcohol, but also CD-s and stuffed toys. It could make problems with your children, too, so do not start with packing before checking all items on this list.

Banned items

Do not forget that Bahrain has banned many items that the western world uses. It includes things like alcohol or eating during the day on Ramadan. However, if your life here long enough, you will adapt to those conditions and learn to adapt. Do not forget that their culture is based on history, religion, and culture and accept it as an ex-pat.

Family at home
You should find ways to have fun with your family in Riyadh

Women cannot drive

If you are a woman in Bahrain, you surely will not be able to drive. Although many organizations for women’s rights have changed it, there are still cities and places where you will not go. Women must operate in a car with a driver.

Women must wear a unique wardrobe

For women in Riyadh worth special rule about the wardrobe. They must wear an abaya, a long black cloak in public. If you do not know how it looks like, learn the difference between abaya and jilbab. Although you will not switch to that wardrobe after a family move to Riyadh, it is good to know how it looks like.


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