Packing toys when moving abroad: all you need to know

Packing toys when moving abroad can be a difficult process for both adults and children. Children can be deeply attached to their favorite items and some toys mean a lot to them. Sensitivity will be crucial throughout your approaching move. The best way to do that is by hiring movers and packers in Bahrain and by allowing the children to be involved in the process. This can go a long way to making packing toys less stressful for all involved.

Kid with painted hands
Kids may get slightly overwhelmed during the moving process so make sure you set clear boundaries.

Taking the first steps

To help with packing toys when moving abroad you need to apply certain strategies to help with the process. Letting your kids participate in choices regarding the moving process will give them some degree of control. It will also make packing your kids’ rooms easier since they will be the ones making the choices. Delegating chores will make moving so much easier for you too!

Packing toys when moving abroad is easy with the pros on your side!

If you are packing toys for your international move, our professionals here at Four Winds Bahrain have got your back! We have all the premier packing and moving materials you might need. Here’s a list of essential packing supplies:

  • Medium and large-sized boxes,
  • Essential packing supplies such as packing paper or newspaper (just be careful of ink transfers),
  • Bubble wrapping and sealable plastic bags for packing toys with small pieces.
  • You should also prepare a permanent marker for labeling the boxes to make unpacking that much easier.

1. Ask the children which toys they want to keep with them

When you allow your kids to take a small amount of control of the situation, that will go a long way when it comes to minimizing potential tantrums. It also gives your kids some comfort and familiarity during the international move. For those toys that didn’t cut, you can use wooden packing crates in Bahrain. Just remember, there’s nothing worse than opening dirty boxes in your new home. To avoid that from happening, clean the toys.

2. Packing and wrapping delicate toys when moving abroad

  • Firstly, toys these days can be very expensive and often therefore often delicate. Depending on how breakable the toy is you can use either newspaper or bubble wrapping to pack it.
  • Secondly, remove any loose parts and place them in sealable plastic bags. This will prevent them from getting lost in the move.
  • Thirdly, always place the heavier and sturdier toys at the bottom of the boxes. This will make the boxes more manageable. This step also protects the more fragile toys from becoming damaged.
  • Finally, fill gaps in the boxes by adding an extra layer of protection. It also makes the boxes sturdier!
Little plastic animals before you're Packing toys when moving abroad
Use newspaper or bubble wrapping to line the inside of the boxes for additional cushioning when packing.

3. Final steps

Finally, seal the boxes with tape. Don’t forget to label the boxes! For more moving tips and tools please contact us for more of our helpful articles and tools. If you would like to speak to a moving expert now, please contact us on Tel: +966 12 654 7111.

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