Packing textiles for storage and shipping 101

If you are packing textiles for storage and shipping, you have come to the right place. Our team of experts know a lot about how to properly handle textile materials, especially when storage and shipping is concerned. You should keep in mind that most textiles are sensitive and that you need to take extra care when handling that. Thus, your priority will be to properly handle all textile items you have when you are storing and shipping them. There are some necessary measures you should take when this is concerned. In any case, we are more than willing to help you out! After all, this is just a part of our jobs. So, without any further ado, let us dive straight into our guide, shall we?

Packing textiles for storage and shipping – what to do?

There are some things you can do when this is concerned. However, you should remember that the safety of your items is your primary goal, so do not make any common mistakes when renting a storage space or relocating. In any case, pay close attention to the following:

  • You should hire a reliable moving company. If you have a lot of textile materials, you should consider hiring the moving company. However, make sure that your moving company knows a lot about handling textiles before hiring them. Also, it might be a good idea to check some freight forwarding companies in Bahrain, just in case. Who knows if you might end up needing their services? Thus, you should prepare in advance, just in case. It is never a bad idea to know all your options, so keep this in mind.
  • Do it on your own, but be careful. If you are planning to do the entire process on your own, you will need to have good preparation. Of course, this depends on the number and type of textile materials you wish to store and ship. There are come common shipping expenses you might want to learn about. Knowing a lot is always an advantage, expecially when things like this one are concerned. Your textiles are your primary concern, but you should also keep track of your finances during the process. Overall, it is possible to handle everything, just make a good plan!
A cargo ship
Usually, you will transport your goods to Bahrain on a transport ship

Some things you should always keep in mind

When textiles are concerned, you should learn some more about the storing conditions and options you might have. It does not matter if you are relocating them to New York City or to Bahrain, for example – your textiles must be safe at all times. Thus, a good idea would be to either hire professional help or to learn more about textiles in general. Overall, the materials your storing supplies are made of play an important role. Even wooded boxes can hurt your textiles due to certain acids. Thus, if we were you, we would be extra careful about which boxes to choose.

A man talking on the phone
Never hesitate to call professionals to help you out

Yet another thing you should keep in mind is the shipping process. In most cases, you will not be there to personally oversee the process, especially if there are multiple shippings. Thus, a good idea would be to rely on a professional shipping company. There are some temperature-controlled shipping companies that are worth checking out, especially if you are shipping to Bahrain. Remember, the safety of your textiles is the most important thing. Thus, you should make sure that you hire the best professionals you can. Shipping is not easy, but it can be done easily if you have the right professionals by your side.

Packing textiles for storage and shipping – common things to avoid

There are some common things you should avoid. Otherwise, they might contribute to some reasons for cargo delay, and you would not want that, right? Thus, keep an eye out on the following:

  • Cleaning and the condition of your textiles. The condition of your textiles is very important. You should make sure that the condition of your textiles remains the same pre-shipping and post-shipping. One of the ways to make sure that happens is to clean your textiles and to store them properly. If your items are clean and protected, not many things can happen during the shipping. Thus, you should make it your top priority to ship only clean textiles in perfect condition.
  • Avoid any type of damage. You can inform yourself about some mechanical, chemical and fluid damage that might render your textiles unusable. While it is rare for something like this to happen, it is not impossible. Thus, you should avoid placing your textiles in places that contain hazardous materials. Boxes that have been painted with urethane are the best because they will help protect your textiles. Simple wooden boxes will not do the trick – there are some acids in wood that might ruin your textile materials. Thus, you should make sure to have proper storing and shipping conditions at all times.

Additional information

Since storing and shipping is important, we highly recommend hiring a moving company that can help you out with both. This is the safest option, without any doubts. If you leave everything in the hands of the professionals, chances are that nothing will happen to your goods. However, it is important to learn something more about the type of goods you are storing/shipping. If you do that, you can learn more about what can happen and take some preemptive measures. Remember, the safety and condition of your goods is your main concern. Thus, make sure that everything goes according to plan.

A loaded freighter
You might need to transport a lot of goods, so keep that in mind as well

Packing textiles for storage and shipping – conclusion

Overall, packing textiles for storage and shipping is not easy, but it does not have to be hard as well. If you decide to hire good professional help, you might be able to “pull it off” without a lot of trouble. Moreover, if you learn a lot about the topic, you can manage it on your own. No matter what you choose, you should understand that the condition of your goods is the most important thing. In any case, we are certain that you will manage to store and ship your textiles without much trouble. Good luck!

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