Packing sculptures for transport

Sculptures are very delicate items to transport. They come in different shapes, sizes and when it comes to packing sculptures for transport you need to be extra careful. You need to be sure that you choose a reliable moving company Bahrain. A moving company should be able to offer you different solutions to pack and relocate your sculptures and fine art. They need to be able to offer you custom made crates. Sculptures and fine art needs to be packed perfectly using only high-quality materials. We will provide you with a short guide, so you can know what to pay attention to and what are the most important things when it comes to packing sculptures for relocation.

What is the first step in packing sculptures for transport?

Well, the first and the most important thing is to determine their size. That way you will know what to look for in wooden packing crates in Bahrain. Although you might find different advice that says that you can pack them in the cardboard boxes – don’t do it. Wooden crates are the best solution, even if the sculptures are big. You can get them custom made. It might seem expensive at the first look – but it will save your collection and it will save you money at the end.

wooden crate for Packing sculptures for transport
Wooden crates are the most secure way to relocate your sculptures

What do you need to pack sculptures?

Well, if you have decided to pack sculptures on your own make sure to gather enough packing materials. It is very important to get enough high-quality packing materials to secure your sculptures. Some of the packing materials you will need are:

  • plastic wrap
  • packing peanuts
  • wooden crates
  • tape
  • shredded paper

We can not stress this enough, make sure to get enough of the packing materials and make sure to use them enough. You are packing sculptures for transport, and you need to avoid any possible damage. Even if you plan to transport them to a storage unit – you still need to make sure they are safely packed.

How to start packing sculptures for transport?

If you have determined the size of your sculpture and you have decided that you want to pack it by yourself – there are some steps you need to follow:

  • Make sure to use plastic wrap and start from the top. Securely wrap the top of your sculpture in a couple of layers and make sure to finish it with a tape. If there are some delicate shapes, make sure to pay special attention to them. After you have wrapped it a couple of times, add a protective layer of a plastic wrap that is bigger than the previous.
  • The second thing is to wrap the bottom part with the plastic wrap. Start wrapping the bottom part, but make sure it is overlapping with the top part. After that, after you have added a couple of layers make sure to finish it and seal it with a tape. And same as the top of the sculpture make sure to wrap the bottom with a larger piece if a plastic wrap.
  • Now, when you have secured the sculpture itself, you should fill about 1/3 of the crate with shredded paper. Make space in the middle and put your sculpture inside of it. Fill the remaining space with shredded paper. Also, you can use packing peanuts.
shredded paper for packing sculptures for transport
Shredded paper should secure your sculpture

The most important thing is to make sure that the sculpture is not moving inside the box. There should be not even the slightest move in the box. You need to make sure that the sculpture is ready for transport.

What are the next steps?

Well, after you have finished the packing of the sculpture – now comes a very important thing – labeling. It is very important to label boxes as fragile. You should make sure that it is visible, you can put a sticker or you can use a red pencil and write it down.

Also, one of the important things that you should do when labeling is to mark which side goes up. You should draw clear marks that will show which side goes up, so there is no confusion. Make sure to mark every side of the box. if you are using a moving company –  make sure they are certified relocation companies and that they can take care of your valuables.

fragile on a box
Make sure to label clearly that the inside of the box is fragile

When you are packing sculptures for transport you need to consider temperature changes

This is something that a lot of people tend to forget. No matter where you are relocating your sculptures you need to pay attention to temperature changes. No matter are you using some eco-friendly packing options, regular boxes or wooden crates – you need to make sure that your sculptures won’t be damaged in the relocation process.

To avoid any damage from the temperature changes you should put a drying agent. It will absorb the water generated by the changes in the temperatures. You should remember to place it in the container walls—where the water gathers. That way – you can be sure that your valuable sculptures will be safe and there will not be any damage to them.

Can you hire specialty movers?

if you feel that all of this is a little bit overwhelming or you are not sure will you do it properly – you can always look for fine art moving in Bahrain. You can search for a company that can relocate fine art, your sculptures without any problems. Sometimes, if you have very expensive and very sensitive sculptures it is better to pay the experts than to risk damage by doing it yourself. 

A professional moving company, that can offer you specialty moving like this has a lot of experience. They can offer you different options that will suit your budget and your needs. You can always ask them all the questions, and ask them for additional advice. And, as we mentioned before they can even create custom-made wooden crates that will help you transport your collection.

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