Oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein

Professional and timely shipping is a challenge on its own. When we add oversized items to this equation, things become overly interesting. Logistics companies in the Middle East deal with these kinds of difficulties daily. With time, Middle East shipping companies managed to find a solution to each of the shipping problems. Still, it is good to know what are some of the oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein. This knowledge can come in handy if you are dealing with a similar problem. 

What is considered oversized shipping in Bahrein?

In Bahrein, like anywhere else in the world, there are standardized shipping sizes. Any package above 15o pounds is considered oversized. And in terms of measurement, you should add the girth to the length of a package to get the necessary value. Where this value is more than 130 inches, you will need to use the oversized shipment services. And if you are unsure about your shipment size or how to pack to follow the norms, packing companies in Bahrain can help. 

Legal challenge

One of the biggest challenges of Oversized shipping in Bahrein you will have to face is the legal requirements. Custom clearance is never simple and fast, no matter what kind of shipment you are dealing with. Most of the time, you will need to hire a customs agent to help you with all the paperwork. To make matters even more complicated, oversized shipments require additional procedures and approvals. But again, removal companies Bahrain have developed efficient methods to deal with this. 

a man doing customs calculations and paperwork
Customs requirements are one of the biggest oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein

Safety challenge

Besides the legal challenge, a very significant problem with oversized shipping is safety. We are talking here about the:

  • Safety of all the people involved in the process
  • Safety of the oversized shipment

Handling packages of unusual sizes requires particular care and skill. Even though lately, modernized ways of dealing with shipments include a lot of mechanization and robotics, the human factor is still included. A higher risk of injuries exists with oversized shipping. Also, a higher risk of oversized items damages is present. All this adds to higher safety risks and complexity of shipping.


Next, you have to be careful when choosing a shipping company for oversized packages. Don’t forget that your goods need to be stored for some time before the transportation. Therefore, you need a moving company that has the required storage capacities. For example, only certain companies can deal with aircraft parts logistics and storing. 

Oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein, a storage big enough
Storage can be a challenge, but not with a right shipping company

Transportation oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein

Finally, the transportation itself of the oversized shipments poses some obvious challenges. First of all, you need vehicles big enough. Secondly, fuel expenditure will be higher. And finally, there will be some time challenges. So to transport your oversized goods efficiently, economically, and timely, you will, most likely, need professional help. So if you are moving to Bahrain with all your belongings, make sure you consider this.

Oversized shipping challenges in Bahrein are the same as everywhere else in the world. The undertaking itself will not be easy. But with a good strategy and some professional help, it can have a very successful outcome.

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