Ocean Container Shipping Facts You Should Know

Although it is a company’s job, there are few ocean container shipping facts that you should know. Even if you are only a client, you can find interesting facts about it. There are a lot of freight forwarding companies in Bahrain. They do their job professionally, leaving nothing to chance. However, it would help if you informed yourself about this specific job. In that way, you will prepare yourself for all accidents and inconveniences. After all, you should know when and how this transporting originated.

The most interesting about this type of shipping is that it is not that old as we may think. Although people transport everything almost for centuries, this particular shipping is not that old. There are a lot of specifics that this job has, though. We are used on large containers made of steel that ships transport from one to another transporter. They pack them at the ports, marking them only by numbers. However, there are great facts about ocean shipping that you should know.

Port with the containers
Ocean shipping is a large industry

Usage of the containers is significant for ocean container shipping

There are a lot of great ways to use ocean container shipping. Companies use it for many different goods. For most of them, we are not aware of until companies show us. Almost everything we use in everyday life somebody has shipped. Even when the containers’ lifespan passes away, we can use it practically. They could be a great place to live, too.

  • It is essential to know how shipping companies organize the job – only thanks to the excellent organization they could follow every container all over the world;
  • Packing is crucial for ocean container shipping – they much pack properly to save space and transport as many containers they can look at one vehicle;
  • Maybe you do not know how manufactures those containers, but it could be fascinating information;
  • Many people do not know when companies started with shipping – you will surprise how soon it happened;
  • There is only one type of container for most people, but there are many more types – you can transport even perishable goods thanks to the temperature-controlling shipping companies.

Companies love this type of shipping

Although it is not much active type of shipping, companies love it. The primary reason is that it is a very cheap and secure type of transportation. Especially in countries that have developed the shipping industry. Thanks to them, cargo transport Bahrain exists and marks success in the past decade.

There are lots of containers at the ocean right now

According to some predictions, currently is more than 20 million containers in the ocean. It is a massive industry and includes workers at the ports, offices, and ships. Thousand people have a job thanks to the packing and crating services Bahrain, too.

Thanks to the good organization they could follow every container

There is a small number of companies that own containers

Although we may think that transporting companies are buying ships every day, it is not the truth. There is a small number of companies that own containers and one of them is FourWinds-Bahrain. Most of the companies rent containers by needs.

You can reuse them

It isn’t right to throw containers away after usage. For most companies, it is not the option. It could be an excellent space for small shops or swimming pools. Also, people use them as clinics after disasters.

There are few warnings about ocean container shipping that you should know, too

No matter how great and useful containers are, we should use them properly. There are a lot of dangerous situations when you can harm or even worse. On the other hand, they could damage items inside. For those reasons, you should know how to protect yourself and the people around you. Also, ships that transport those containers could have severe problems in the open ocean.

Their lifespan is very short

Most of the containers could not last too long. Their official lifespan is around 20 years. After 30 years of usage, they must remove. When staying too long in rain or sun, it gets rust and damage. It means that every 30 years they must buy completely new containers for the company.

Unfortunately, pirates steal containers every day

Pirates steal them every day

One of the worst things that could happen to the containers and ships are pirates. They are a massive problem at sea. For most people, they could cause severe problems for boats. According to official information, pirates steal two ships every day.

Interesting facts about ocean container shipping

It is excellent when you can use containers for the shipping of significant items and goods. However, shipping companies sometimes use it for not everyday purposes. Also, boxes are not that much old as we could think. In some ways, we could say that there are great types of containers that you can see in the market. For some clients, shipping in containers is crucial for protection and safety.

The first containers were used in the ’50s

Most people do not know when the first container was in the ocean. We usually think that they exist for a long time. However, the first container company used in 1955. The inventor is Malcolm McLean. The most important reason to make sustainable shipping is to transport goods safely.

Most of them come from China

As the people in transportation claim, more than 97% of containers currently at sea are made in China. It is interesting to know since they use it all over the world. For knowers, it means that there are only a few companies that made it.

There is a high number of containers that ship could transport

As one of the most important things to know about ocean container shipping is understanding how large ships are. You surely have seen those large ships with numerous of the containers on them. According to the workers there, a large boat could have 18,000 containers. It is a heavy vehicle and admittedly a solemn responsibility to transport them.


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