Moving to Qatar with kids: how to prepare

Are you moving to Qatar with kids soon, but you’re not sure how to approach the whole process? Whenever kids are included in the moving process, it can get even more complicated. You have to prepare your children mentally for what’s waiting for them, as well as to prepare the items that they’re going to need. Movers and packers in Bahrain have decided to help you with the process. After years of experience, the science of moving with kids comes down to good organization, patience, and understanding. To learn more about moving to Qatar with kids, keep on reading!

Staying organized will help you when you feel anxious – you’ll know exactly what to do next!

Start your preparations early when moving to Qatar with kids

When you’re moving, you need to stay organized and start the process as soon as you can. The process is extensive, and, unless you plan on hiring relocation companies Bahrain, it’s going to take you a lot of time and energy. Keep the important information listen in one document, whether you’ll do it on a mobile phone app, or in a notebook that you’ll carry with you all the time. You should also declutter your home, decide which kids’ items you’re going to bring, and of course, all of that with their consent. That’s why starting your preparations early when moving to Qatar with kids is important. Your kids will need time to process all that’s happening – you need to include them in the process as early as you can and not do anything behind their back. That will only make them lose the trust in you and the relocation process will be much harder on them mentally after that. 

Tell your kids about the move as soon as you can

When you first find out about the move, think it through. 

What to think about when you’re moving to Qatar with kids:

  • Which schools to enroll them in, what documentation you’ll need for that
  • Whether you should hire pet relocation Bahrain to transport your pets 
  • Where you’re going to take your kids to the doctors
  • Insurance 
  • If you have a job, they’ll be able to help you take care of most of the things above. If not, think about your job searching tactics 
  • Why your kids will like living there
  • The date of the move
Moving to Qatar with kids
When you’re moving to Qatar with kids, tell them about the relocation as soon as you can.

When you have the details figured out, talk to your kids. Tell them all about the place they’re moving to, and the positive aspects of it. Be patient and understanding, don’t get angry at them if they don’t act all happy when they hear the news. For them, it’s a big chance that you have to help them cope with. They’re going to leave all their friends behind, school, activities – it’s a big loss for a child, and make sure that you’re there to be comforting and reassuring. 

Moving to Qatar with kids will require time for them to get used to the idea

Some kids will take more time to process the news after you tell them about the move. For some, it may take hours, and for some – weeks. Be approachable, answer all of their questions as honestly as you can and tell them all of the things that they’ll enjoy about the new place. When they’re ready, they’ll start talking to you – don’t dump information about them while they’re down. Understand them. If their behavior, temper tantrums and uncharacteristic behavior persists, ask for professional help. That’s the best source of advice – you’re not a bad parent for including professionals in the process. It means that you’re doing literally everything you can to make the relocation as easy as possible for your kids, and that’s admiring. 

Enroll them in a language course

It would be very useful if your kids were to start studying a foreign language. Enroll your kids in the language course. They’ll get used to it much faster than you will, since their brain studies languages differently when they’re young. This will help them make new friends faster and feel like part of the new society. The feeling of isolation, initially, might cause them problems in school. Do all the things you can to make them feel more included – if they’re open to it, teach them the customs, explain them the concepts of Bahrain’s religion, etc. All of that knowledge will help them understand the place they’re moving to. 

kid in moving box
Include your children in the packing process.

Moving to Qatar with kids will be easier if you include them in the packing process

If your kids start approaching you often when you’re packing, offer them to help. This will make them feel much more included in the process, meanwhile helping them process the relocation faster. Packing can help your kids come to the terms with the relocation – have your kids pack their toys in a cardboard box, for example. Tell them to prepare their moving day necessities. There are more things that they can help with, such as bringing you packing materials, placing items in boxes, folding their clothes, etc. All of those acts will help them come to terms with the relocation and be mentally prepared as much as possible. 

Prepare the documents, find a doctor, book the moving company

The most important part of the preparation is preparing your kid for it. But there are also other parts of the process that you’ll have to do – prepare the documents, find the right doctor for you and the children, as well as book a reliable moving company. Take your time to find the right one – the moving company that fits your needs right will make the relocation seem like a breeze, which is how moving to Qatar with kids should feel like. You too can have a stress-free relocation. Give us a call and see for yourself why we should be the ones to help you and your kids have a smooth transition into your new home. Book the move of your dreams today!

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