Moving contract – why do you need it?

Finding a reliable moving company can be pretty hard. You need a reliable and trustworthy relocation company that can handle your relocation and all the logistics behind that. There are a lot of different moving companies that offer you various services. So it is understandable why it can become overwhelming getting all the information. And in all that chaos, a lot of people disregard a moving contract. It can feel a little bit intimidating, but the contract is there to protect you as a customer and to make sure that you get everything that you agreed with the moving company.

What is the first part of a moving contract?

When you decide which moving company you would like to hire – the next part is the estimate. No matter if you are moving locally or moving internationally, you need to get the estimate. The estimate is part of the moving contract. And it should be apparent if the estimate is binding or non-binding. And also, how they will get to the final amount will be charged. Make sure to ask all the questions and to ask what can increase the price of your estimated amount.

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The moving contract is essential and read everything carefully before you sign it

What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a complete and precise moving estimate that binds the moving company to charge you exactly as they quoted. After you get the binding moving estimate, the moving company should not try to charge you anything more than that. So, to be on the safe side – make sure to get the binding moving estimate in written form, signed and stamped.

What is a non-binding moving estimate?

This type of estimate means that everything you were quoted for is approximate. The moving company can charge you more or less after the move is complete depending on many factors. So, before you decide to sign a moving contract that is based on a non-binding quote, make sure to check all of your rights, especially if you are moving to another country. Check all of your international moving rights, and think twice before you sign a non-binding estimate.

Order for service – an important part of moving contract

After you have agreed to an estimate with your moving company, the next thing you will receive is an order for service. That is an official contract between you and the moving company. The order for service will provide you with all the information regarding your move – with all the details. In this document, you will find the date of the pick-up, estimated date of delivery – and this is very important when it comes to cold chain pharmaceutical logistics. When it comes to sensitive items like this, you need to know everything in detail.

pencil and moving contract
Before you sign anything regarding your move – read it carefully

Also, for service, you will find the estimated amount, insurance coverage, and all the terms of the contract. That is just one big reason why the moving contract is essential. In these terms, you will be able to see clearly stated cancellation policy, type of the truck that will be used, and all the extra fees that may be applicable at the end of your move. So, make sure to read everything thoroughly and pay attention to details. That is the time to negotiate with your moving company.

Bill of lading is an integral part of moving contract

So, you will receive a lot of documents from your moving company – but this is one of the most important. This document will be given to you on a moving day, and the mover must have it before he can move your belongings. If you hired freight forwarders in Bahrain, make sure to get this document from them on time.

You or your company will be asked to sign this document, which means that you agree with all the terms. List of free services, total cost, pick up, and delivery date. That is a document that you need to read carefully and be sure that you are signing all that you agreed on with your moving company. 

terms and conditions of moving contract
Bill of lading will have all the terms and conditions

If there is anything different in the document – make sure to point it out immediately and do not sign it until they are corrected. The moving company will also sign this and give you a copy. Make sure to keep this, since this is the official record of your move. Since this is your receipt for the service, this is just one more reason why it is vital to have a moving contract.

An inventory list is also part of the contract

On your moving day, you will get the inventory sheet. This document is particularly important since it is listing everything that your moving company is responsible for. And when you sign a moving contract that has insurance, and any of the items of the inventory list gets lost- you are protected. The moving company will fill the inventory list as they are removing things from your office or home. Each item will get its unique number on the list. Make sure that you are involved in this process so you can be sure that everything is done correctly.

This part of the moving contract is your guarantee that everything has been appropriately inventoried and loaded for the relocation. This document will be necessary once the belongings reach their final destination. The moving company will ask you to sign this after they have delivered belongings to you, so make sure to check if any damage or anything is missing. A proper moving contract will guarantee that the mover will cover for any damaged or missing items.

Moving contract is very important

Now that you know all the details regarding the moving contract, it is pretty clear that you really need one. This document is there to protect you and all of your belongings. And to make sure that you are compensated for any possible damage or missing items. Also, a moving contract shows that a moving company is reliable, and all the services they offer – storage Bahrain, moving, logistics are secure. So, make sure to read your contract very carefully and do not sign anything before you read it!

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