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    The carriage of goods by ship (water transport) on the river, sea or ocean is the best for transporting large quantities of goods and oversized cargo. And this is exactly why we offer supreme sea cargo Bahrain services! Four Winds Bahrain transport goods both with direct and combined transport, according to the needs and wishes of our clients. So, if it is more cost-effective for you, we can deliver your goods combining road, rail, and air traffic. Contact us anytime and we will present you will all of our supreme cargo services in Bahrain. Here’s what we can do for you!

    sea cargo
    Sea cargo transport is the best for transporting large quantities of goods and oversized cargo.

    Sea cargo Bahrain – the best way of transporting goods

    The logistics of our company is quite advanced. Thanks to cooperation with international shipping agencies, Four Winds Bahrain offers our clients unlimited storage space, as well as an efficient and high-quality service of transporting goods to destinations around the world. If you are looking for sea cargo Bahrain transport, know that we ship and unload goods at ports around the world. Four Winds Bahrain is proud of each and every one of its logistics services in Bahrain… We guarantee 100% professionalism and security for your goods.

    Advantages of sea cargo transport

    If you are not sure if sea cargo transport is for you, here are just some of the advantages. The point of sea transport – or any other maritime transport – is not only direct savings in transport but also the preservation of roads and the environment. The transportation of goods by sea, especially bulk cargo, is very cost-effective; it is almost four times cheaper than truck transport! Instead of several trucks, the goods fit on one ship, the sea is much safer and the road pavements are protected from damage, which reduces investment in maintenance and construction.

    One of the key benefits of sea freight transport is also the safety of goods from damages. This is particularly very important for the transport of dangerous or sensitive cargo. Water traffic eliminates the possibility of damage caused by road holes. In addition, the need for manpower has been reduced, making it particularly convenient for the transport of heavy and bulky goods.

    Rely on us to transport your goods safely

    We provide sea freight services in accordance with the requirements and needs of our clients. In addition to sea freight, we also offer all the ancillary services that are necessary during transportation, such as loading and unloading or storage and packing of cargo. In this way, Four Winds Bahrain guarantees for each of its Bahrain shipping services.

    Barge and yacht in harbor
    One of the key benefits of sea freight transport is also the safety of goods from damages.

    Thanks to our developed partner network, we can store your goods before or after shipping, anywhere in the world. When it comes to the safety of goods during transport, when you sign a contract with our company you get a guarantee that in case of damage, you will receive compensation.

    Also, our company holds licenses and permits necessary for the transport of bulk, special cargo as well as dangerous goods. When it comes to container transport, we transport full container shipping (FCL) as well as less than container transport (LCL).

    If you need to transport small quantities from or to distant destinations, our recommendation is to use the shared container transportation service. In this way, since you do not have to lease the entire container, your goods are transported in the container together with the goods of other clients. Also, there is no limit to the minimum cargo that will be transported.

    Four Winds Bahrain offers even more!

    In addition to our supreme sea shipping services (water transport), we offer our clients:

    • Production of wooden crates, procurement of containers and preparation of special packages that further protect the goods
    • Packaging and preparation of goods for sea transport – or any other water transport
    • Transport to the nearest embarkation port and from the nearest embarkation port to the desired address
    • Loading and unloading of goods
    • Procurement of necessary permits and documentation
    • Customs clearance and forwarding
    • Ability to track shipments during transport and inform customers about goods during transport, as well as the time of arrival of goods to the desired destination. At any time you can see where your goods are at.

    According to our clients’ needs, we can also store the goods, before or after transport, in warehouses all around the world. This is usually done in the shortest time period possible. All of the storage units Bahrain are safe and under surveillance, providing additional security of your cargo. Also, our employees are trained in storing specific cargo that requires special handling and regular inspection.

    Industrial port, Barcelona, Spain
    We can store your goods before or after shipping, anywhere in the world.

    River transport of goods

    We offer not just sea cargo Bahrain transport services, but also additional river transport of goods. For the purpose of river transport, we organize the loading and unloading of goods in all river ports around the world. Also, Four Winds Bahrain offers combined transport services on navigable routes anywhere in the world. We guarantee our customers that our river transport service is going to be done according to your needs.

    The river transport service is organized on a door-to-door basis. We pick up the goods at the agreed address and then forward it to the nearest port.

    Trust us with your cargo

    Together, we will create the best strategy for moving your sea cargo Bahrain. Four Winds Bahrain will give you an overview of things to transport and choosing the best route. Also, in addition to safety and speed, we will also provide the best price for transporting things to your new location as at any point we offer you a free moving estimate. All you need to do is contact us today and we 100% guarantee to transport your goods safe and secure!