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    Logistics Services

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    Cargo Transport

    An authority among cargo companies in Bahrain, we offer door-to-door, sea & air cargo transport services.

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    Freight Forwarding

    Four Winds Bahrain is regarded as a team of leading freight forwarders in Bahrain and beyond.

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    Shipping Services

    The Bahrain shipping services that we provide meet the highest of standards in our industry.

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    Cold Chain Pharmaceutical

    We use top-line equipment, used only by the best temperature-controlled shipping companies.


    Customs Clearance

    Our customs clearing agents in Bahrain have years of experience and knowledge.

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    Import & Export

    As a professional import/export company, Four Winds Bahrain can handle any type of cargo.

    Beyond transport solutions and container shipping services, we offer a comprehensive range of high-class logistics services to meet your needs. Being a pioneer of local and international moving in Bahrain, our logistics specialists handle all your logistics challenges by providing our customers with quality transportation solutions. We are up to any challenge, using our experience and knowledge to provide you the best logistics services. We are Four Winds Bahrain, and we can proudly call ourselves one of the best logistics companies in Bahrain. Our services include:

    • Cargo transport
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Shipping services
    • Import and export
    • Customs clearance
    • Cold chain pharmaceutical

    What Four Winds Bahrain can and will do for you

    We will manage your shipments safely and with the utmost care from the very the time we received your inquiry up until the shipment arrives at the designated destination. Our team of shipping experts and administrators has all the necessary knowledge and skills in order to make your every move as seamless as possible. Drawn from years of experience in the logistics and relocation services Bahrain all over the world, Four Winds Bahrain team members are able to provide you the best solution to your every shipping project. Being one of the best logistics companies in the Middle East, we understand every customer is different, and each shipment is unique. Whatever the requirement is, we treat each shipment we handle with the same attention to detail and careful document screening.

    Four Winds Bahrain trucks - experts among logistics companies in Bahrain
    Choose the leader among logistics companies in Bahrain – call Four Winds Bahrain!

    Moreover, we are taking into consideration the unique nature of your shipments, the customs clearance, the documentary requirements, and the time frame within the shipment should arrive at the final destination. Thanks to the vast experience we have obtained through the years of business and expertise in the management of various shipping projects, we have become one of the most trusted and leading logistics companies in Bahrain.

    One of the top logistics companies in Bahrain is at your disposal

    Amongst our logistics services is the processing of orders, storing them securely and finally shipping them to the new location. What makes us stand out from the other logistics companies in the Middle East is that we pay attention to every detail. Four Winds Bahrain always keep in mind four crucial factors: the time, place, nature and amount of goods. Putting these as our top priority will guarantee a stress-free shipping experience to remember.

    Cargo transport

    The main logistics service you can expect is the cargo transportation. Whether you are interested in local moving or if you are moving your cargo internationally, we can help. We also don’t make a difference between residential moving and commercial cargo, we are experts in both. Hence, if you are looking for the most reliable cargo transportation experts in Bahrain, you are in the right place.

    Aside from the transport itself, we also provide you with the local support for your shipment. Are you in need of pick-up or delivery? We got you covered. Throughout our long history, cargo transport service has grown and improved. Nowadays, it is one of our most popular services. We will take care of your shipments of any size around Bahrain, and all over the world.  From the moment we receive your call, to the moment that your cargo arrives at the new location, we will assist you every step of the way.

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    Our freight forwarding services include air, sea and road freight.

    Let one of the top logistics companies in Bahrain handle your freight forwarding needs

    Simply put, freight forwarding is a method of moving goods from one place to another. And among many logistics companies in Bahrain, we can say we are the leading one in this field. There are many reasons to choose us for this job. Some of them are:

    • Four Winds Bahrain will move your items both for business and personal needs. 
    • We are experts in both local moving and shipping, and international level.
    • Using different methods of transporting your goods – air, ocean and road freight, we will make sure to meet all your needs.
    logistics companies in Bahrain have containers in different colors
    Looking for a reliable freight forwarding company in Bahrain? You are in the right place.

    Shipping services

    No matter the size and the nature of your shipment, you want to have reliable Bahrain shipping experts by your side. Whether we are talking about regular or LTL shipping process, you don’t have to look any further. What you need is a guarantee that your belongings will be safely transported to a new location and without any delay. That is why you should hire one of the best moving and logistics companies in Bahrain for the job – Four Winds Bahrain. You can rest assured we are always on time and will provide you with a plethora of quality services.

    Import and export

    When you are importing or exporting products to sell inside or outside of Bahrain, you need experts by your side. Whether you are importing products from abroad or having goods shipped out of the country, we can help. Four Winds Bahrain has an international network of agents offering import and export logistics services that you can count on.

    Customs clearance – a specialty among logistics companies in Bahrain

    Our team is comprehensively trained in the unique customs procedures to ensure that you prepare correct documentation in advance. This way, you will avoid expensive and time-consuming delays in the process. Furthermore, Four Winds Bahrain provides customs consultancy to all local and foreign companies who are in need of professional assistance.

    Cold chain pharmaceutical services

    Since we are working with the healthcare industry, we are aware of the fact that there is no room for error. Patients are in need of the shipment, so it needs to arrive in perfect condition and on time. Reliability and quality are crucial, as well as the conditions the goods are stored and transported in. This equipment and materials are sensitive and require climate-controlled conditions all the time. And that is exactly what our warehouse facilities and shipping containers can guarantee and provide you with.

    Medical equipment
    Medical equipment is delicate, and we know how to handle it properly.

    Four Winds Bahrain has been one of Bahrain’s leading providers of comprehensive supply chain services to the manufacturers, importers, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and laboratories.

    Get a quote and learn why we are your best choice

    Finally, we are one of the most dependable logistics companies in the Middle East. If you can contact us today, we will be happy to show you what makes us the leading company in this field. Four Winds Bahrain moving and shipping experts are eager to help!