Items To Leave Behind Before Your Overseas Move

Among items to leave behind before your overseas move are surely those that you find very important in your life. Many people cannot leave memories and family valuables behind. Although nobody recommends that, it is good to say goodbye to things that only make a mess in your home. Even though, professional moving companies Bahrain will organize moving for all your stuff and valuables.

Every professional moving company will recommend you to get rid of things that you do not use anymore. Even if you have memories, you should consider throwing them away. Family photos represent valuable items for you, but souvenirs from the holidays are not. They are only a bunch of worthless things that you need to get rid of. There is a whole philosophy behind the throwing things that we do not use anymore. It shows our strength and maturity.

It is worthless to take a wardrobe with you in a country that you don’t know well. Consider some items to leave behind before your overseas move

Everyday items to leave behind before your overseas move

There are a lot of things that come to our hands during the day. Some of them we keep and use every day or leave on a shelf as decoration. Usually, we forget about them and clean dust from them from time to time. An overseas move is an opportunity to get rid of them. If you feel that they are connected to you, just think about the boxes that you will pack for moving. Sometimes is better to spare yourself from that baggage.

  • Photos are among items to leave behind before your overseas move –jet it does not mean that you should throw them away;
  • Family values are much better to leave at home before moving – you cannot know how the transportation looks like, but if a car is among them you can organize shipping car overseas;
  • The essential bag is very important for moving so you should not plan a long trip without it;
  • Many companies avoid transporting the jewelry for obvious reasons so consider leaving it;
  • It is hard to transport documents and even harder to keep them protected, especially when family documents are about so do not pack them in a bag for an overseas move.

Technical appliances

There are a lot of things that you should pack in your box when moving overseas. Shipping to Bahrain from the US depends on the market demands. One of the most demanded items is technical appliances. It means that you should leave your old appliances at home and buy new ones after moving.


It is needless to say how worthless is to take toiletries with you when moving. Not only that it will take space that you will need for something better, but also it will cost more. Much easy resolution is to buy new ones after moving. The only you should take with you is an essential bag and items for traveling.


You can pack a wardrobe for the first days after moving. It is for sure that you will not have time to buy new cloth first days, so pack an essential wardrobe. However, do not pack things for the whole season or year. It is much better to check the climate and behavior of the people there and buy accordingly to that.


It is for sure that you will not ever think about the packing of the drawers or closet when moving. However, you will have small items that love too much and it is hard to leave it. It is hard to protect and pack them. Only companies that organize fine art moving could help you in that case.

You should consider leaving the books to friends

Consider large items to leave behind before your overseas move

We do not need to point out that large items are too tough for transportation. Transportation is very expensive, too. So, if you need to transport some items, you should check their size and weight. It is not that important to take all with you. Sometimes is much better to buy new ones after moving. After all, you cannot know how the new life will look like.

Old documents

Although we should keep our documents whole life, some papers only bother us and take space. Those include old bills, taxes, and confirmations for the jobs that have been done a long time ago. If you want to keep them consider leaving for the person that you have trust in.


There are a lot of companies that could help you in organizing car transportation. It is usually expensive and demands long preparation. However, it is much better and easier to leave your precious car at home. You can give it to your friend as a gift or sell.

Personal items

We are sure that you cannot leave your old DVDs, office supplies, or books, but it will take too much space. Especially nowadays when you can find everything online. However, you should not throw them away. It is much better to give it to your friends to keep it for you.

Plants and pets

It is for sure that you will not be able to take the plant with you overseas. Countries have strict regulations about it. Even if you get all allowances, your plants will not be able to survive transportation. However, when it comes to pets, things are different. Some companies organize pet relocation and you can, with proper preparation, take them with you.

It is for sure that some documents you should take with you, but not all

Change mind when choose items to leave behind before your overseas move

Moving is a huge change in your life. You should not take them with you if not have space or opportunity to transport them. However, relocation means changing your lifestyle. Your old stuff will not take the same place in your mind. On the other hand, you will have more time and opportunity to build a new life after moving.

Leave old you when moving overseas

It is hard to say if you can adapt successfully to a new country. Some people never accept new life and country. However, you should try to accept a new country as a place for living. Consider taking the whole new life as your destiny. So, among items to leave behind before your overseas move you should put old you.

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