International Moving Terms You Should Know

Even if you have not planned to organize shipping, you should know common international moving terms. They will help you in organizing, however, you should inform me about them if you are just a client in that job. Many removal companies Bahrain recommend to inform about all you need before start with an as serious job as shipping is. You will be prepared and your company will better understand the whole process. People in companies use those terms to make the job easier, so all parts must use them properly.

When learning new terms and words, you should act like you learn a new language. Try to understand the situation when that term is used. In most cases, you will be able to adjust new words to the situation you have found in. However, workers in companies use these terms and phrases very long. They help them to do the job faster and easier. You will not have time to check what all means. So, prepare on time and learn before packing the containers.

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You should prepare for shipping internationally right

International moving terms that you will see in documents

There are great opportunities to learn new terms in shipping. If you have a document with conditions you should fulfill, you will surely face with new terms. They are not complicated, but people in companies understand only those meanings. Do not hesitate to ask people there for an explanation and understand all on time.

  • The language that companies use in documents is some kind of international standardized language that helps the people in different countries to communicate;
  • When knowing international moving terms you will be able to take control over your job and contract;
  • Money is always important when organize shipping – you should be able to control all parts in your job to control the money income and spent;
  • For people involved in shipping the most important is to control the time – since you do not understand terms, you will lose time for explanations and unnecessary preparations;
  • You should learn to protect your items – it is especially important for valuable items like shipping cars overseas so terms that they use in shipping are very important to know.


The first you should learn when organize shipping is how contract looks like. It is slightly different from other similar documents that you had. The most important is to learn parts of the contract and what it should define. Cargo services in Bahrain include all details in it so nothing could go wrong.

Bill of lading

It is partly a contract, but also a document that connects all parts in shipping. As a contract, the bill of lading defines included parts in shipping. You should know when your goods are in the carrier and which are obligations of the company when that happens. However, it could include other conditions, like customs clearance or loading the vehicle.


Known as shortens of Air Way Bill, AWB is a common part of the documents in shipping. We could name it as one of the most important parts of this job. It includes shipment, shipper, and consignee as important parts of shipping. Thanks to these documents, freight forwarding is organized much better and protected.

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There are a lot of ways to ship goods internationally

International moving terms that refer to money

It is important to define all terms and conditions in contracts. Since your job depends on money, logically all of them are connected to the money. You should inform about it on time. Not only that you will understand the complicated relations between money and job, but you will also save money when it is possible.

Actual cash value

It is important to estimate the value of your goods when organize shipping. Not only that company should know the level of the protection needed for them, but it will protect your side, too. However, it also means that you will pay a little higher price for shipping and protection.

Corporate account

Sometimes shipping is organized by company and sometimes individual. When the company organizes shipping, it must include a few important parts. First of all, they must share the account from which they will send all payments. It makes control easier.

Common abbreviations that we use as international moving terms in shipping

There are a lot of abbreviations that people use in shipping. For people who work in this job, they are not complicated. Most of the people use for companies or government agencies and contracts. However, if you do not know what the most important means, you should learn as fast as possible. Otherwise, you will not understand the contract.

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It is great when you can organize shipping with a professional company

Chargeable weight

It is a part of the freight charge that you should pay for. However, it is not the only part of the weight that you will load in the vehicle. To separate important from less important parts, they have used this term.


You will be able to pay your shipping after delivery. In that case, the company uses the Cash-On-Delivery abbreviation to mark it. Companies use this option when organizing shipping in cooperation with other companies and share costs with them.

Agent overseas

When you organize shipping with the company in a different country, you should have a term that connects you with them. It is the reason why companies use agents that control the job overseas as well as in your country. These agents are your only partner before shipping is finished.

Container and crate

You should learn the names of the packages that companies use. Usually, you will use a container. It is a large, metallic box that they transport with the ships. On the other hand, you can use crates to protect items inside, but much smaller from containers. You can transport them with trucks or large vehicles, too.


This abbreviation is one of the common international shipping terms that you should use. It refers to the companies and individuals that are parts of the FIDI Global alliance of shippers. If you have this mark on the contract, you can be sure that somebody controls the whole process. Also, you will be able to report all possible problems for the alliance.

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