Import requirements and documentation in Kuwait

Are you importing your items in Kuwait soon, and you’re curious about import requirements and documentation in Kuwait? Logistics companies in Middle East can help you! There are many requirements that you have to fulfill and the documentation that you’ll have to show. The process of getting everything that you need isn’t easy, but when you have a clear overview of everything that you need and the place where you can get it, it becomes significantly less confusing. Let’s dive in!

Import requirements and documentation in Kuwait
Import requirements and documentation in Kuwait require a lot of time and effort, and some types of items require special licenses.

Import requirements and documentation in Kuwait require a license

When you’re an import export company, you will first have to apply for the import license. You’ll also need to register with the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They are necessary for the machinery as well as their parts. There are numerous agencies and ministries that can help you get this license. When it comes to clearing the items at customs, that’s done by a local agent. The local agent needs to show the letter of representation and a letter by the end-user. Those are the two things that are needed for Kuwait Customs to clear your items.

Required documentation

There are many documents that you’ll need for commercial shipments. Import requirements and documentation in Kuwait:

The requirements:

  • Import license that we’ve talked about
  • Letter of representation
  • Letter by the end-user


  • Invoice – You will need to present one original of the invoice and the two copies alongside it.
  • The certificate of origin – The certificate of origin also requires one original and two copies.
  • Packing list – The packing list needs a detailed list of the items that you’re importing – all of them – and it needs to be sealed with the stamp of the company, the exporter, or the freight forwarder.
  • Bill of landing/Airway bill – When it comes to the bill of landing, you’ll need to present three copies.
checking documents
Double-check whether your documentation is complete.

What to keep in mind about import requirements and documentation in Kuwait

  • As you can see, there are many documents that you need. Whether you simply want to import something in Kuwait, or you’re using the services of removal companies Bahrain, you’ll need to know all of the rules and regulations in order to get your items cleared at the customs.
  • Keep in mind that the license that you get lasts for one year only, but it can be renewed. With them, you can have multiple shipments.
  • The machinery will also require a special license, and some of the categories require you to visit the corresponding ministry.

Additional licenses

Check whether you need some of the additional licenses. Not all cases are the same, and naming them all in one article is impossible. The best place to start searching for the licenses and the information are the embassies, International Trade Administration, importers, freight forwarders, or even the customs brokers. The customs brokers will be able to tell you all you need to have in order to get clearance. You’ll need time and energy to get everything you need, so make sure that you start on time. When you think you’ve got everything, check once again. With as many import requirements and documentation in Kuwait, it’s very easy to miss something.

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