How to store your wine collection properly

Are you looking for ways to store your wine collection properly? Four Winds Bahrain has decided to share their knowledge on the matter! For many people, wine storing is not a particular problem – because they don’t have to store it for a very long time, or they simply just enjoy drinking wine casually. For wine collectors, it’s a major concern since storing your wine properly will prolong its life. Collectors also know that when you buy wine in the store it’s not the same as having fine wines which age well. To find out how to properly store your fine wine in the best way possible, keep on reading! 

The temperature needs to be controlled strictly. Your best bet is to keep the temperature at 55 degrees.

How to store your wine collection

  • To store your wine collection properly, you’ll need a room that can achieve a consistent temperature and humidity, like a temperature-controlled storage facility Bahrain.
  • When it comes to wine storage, the optimal temperature falls between 45 and 65 degrees. Don’t ever go above the 70, since it will cause the wine to spoil.
  • Your best bet is to keep the temperature at 55 degrees, so if any temperature fluctuation happens, the temp will still stay between 45 and 65.
  • When it comes to humidity, it can also affect your wine. Avoiding any fluctuations is the biggest concern of the people who store wine. 

If your wine has a cork, keep it vertical

When you think of wine storage or a cellar, you usually think of the bottles which are laid vertically. Why is that? It’s because many of those bottles are corked, and the cork needs to be kept humid all the time. If it dries out, the oxygen will leak and affect the wine! That’s why you should aim to keep the corked bottles vertical – that way, the cork will stay functional. 

store your wine collection vertically
Store your wine collection vertically to keep the cork moist.

Don’t bring the wine out of storage

If you’ve placed your precious wine in the storage, where the temperature and moisture are controlled – don’t get it out until you’ve decided to drink it or sell it. Keep your temperature constant. That way, you’ll avoid exposing your wine to temperature fluctuation. Many storage systems allow you to place the wine separately from one another, so you can take out just the bottle you need without having to disturb the others, or risk them getting broken.  

In conclusion, store your wine collection in constant conditions

To conclude – the best way to store your wine collection properly is to find a place that has constant temperature and humidity. Those places are usually temperature controlled storages from reliable moving companies, cellars, or rooms that are specially designed – but they cost a lot. Once you’ve properly stored your wine, it’s imperative not to take it out of the temperature-controlled space. Also, you have to place it vertically if it has a cork. That will keep your cork moist and it will prevent oxygen leaks. 

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