How to Store Your Car For The Long Term

There are a lot of simple ways to store your car for the long term. It is not difficult but you should include professionals to help you and proper tools. However, you should know that cars do not like storing for the long term. You can damage car parts and cause corrosion on metal parts. It is the reason why people do not store cars longer than it is needed. However, international car shipping presumes to put the car in storage for a while.

The most important part is to protect the car from humidity, damages, and similar problems. You should act like your car will be in storage much longer than you have planned. In that way, you will have great protection even in case if something goes wrong. However, you should know that companies that organize the shipping of cars offer help in storing your car.

Stored cars
If you live in a large city you can store your car for the long term when not have parking space

Where to store your car for a long time

Usually, when you ship the car you will get the offer to store in their objects. However, if you organize this alone, you should know which storage is good for your car. There are special warehouses for cars, which have conditions that protect cars. You should not skip this step before pack your car for storing, though.

  • The temperature where the car will be stored is crucial – it must not be too low but also not too high;
  • Protection of the car is crucial if want to keep the car in the same shape and condition when taking them back;
  • You should prepare for the danger of corrosion if want to store your car for the long term – although it is not easy to get, still, you should learn all about it;
  • Although companies protect their ships and storages properly, you should protect the car from stealing;
  • Some people use long-term storage in Bahrain instead of parking them – in large cities people do not have garages so cannot keep the car in one place long.

Find a good storage

It is crucial to cooperate with good storage and company that will protect and keep your car in a proper way. In this case, you should not take a risk and cooperate with bad companies. Professional movers and packers in Bahrain will keep the car protected from any problems.

Keep some fuel and additives

Although you will not drive the car, it must have a little fuel in the tank. Workers in the company could park or move your car during this long period. Also, you should put additives, since they could have trouble starting a car after a while. If you choose climate-controlled storage in Bahrain you will have much fewer problems with the engine.

Remove stuff from the cabin

We have stuff in the cabins of our car and they could make problems. You should remove all those stuff before a store in the long term. Not only that they could damage your cabin, but you can also lose them or have even more problems. However, you should not allow yourself to store your car with garbage and junk in the cabin.

Protection is very important when storing your car for the long term

You should not afraid of storing the car for a long time when protecting it properly. It is more than covering and locking the doors. You should know that even cleaning your car means protecting it from the damaging. Again, companies that transport cars will help you with this.

Put tire jack under tire

It sounds like too much effort for something that is not that dangerous but does not forget that your tires will suffer great weight. After a while, they will become flat and ripped. So, firstly learn how to use car jacks before using that tool. You will need to spend some money, but your tires are much more expensive.

Tire and tool
You should also protect tires from ripping and becoming flat

Disconnect the battery

Another way for keeping the car protected is to disconnect the battery. Although they are very useful, they also could damage the engine or lose acid when storing for the long term. Not only that you will damage the car, but also the environment.

Use car cover

Maybe it looks like a too expensive tool, but you should protect your car from dust. You will not be able to clean and wash the car with a layer of dust. Also, you should know that the smallest grains of dust could damage color, and pass through the metal, and damage engine parts. Car cover, however, is not expensive.

Lock the doors but leave keys

It is obvious that you should lock the door when storage for the long term. However, you should give spare keys to the official person. It is usually a person that works in storage and control everything. He will maybe need to park a car or move to make space, so you should give to him the keys.

Make the car clean

Although your car will get dirty during transportation, you will wash them easier if clean before shipping. It is more than the aesthetical problem. Small items in your car could damage the cabin of the car. Also, it is much prettier to put the clean car in storage and ship container. The workers will pay special attention to the car that is washed.

Car in storage
Do not forget to protect the car from dust

Change the oil

People think that when do not drive cars, they will not spend oil. However, even if you do not drive a car, you should change the oil. Oil could damage even on standby. It will lose its benefits and become too thick. Do not mention how it could damage the engine and make problems in other car parts. So, avoid those problems by simply changing the oil.

Wash the car

Not only that you need to wash the car, but you should also clean it inside. It is very important to keep the cabin clean without any items or garbage. If you store your car for the long term you surely not think about the days after you take him back. However, you should have a clean and washed car after storing.

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