How to settle in after moving to Jeddah

Jeddah is the second-largest city in South Arabia, located at the Red Sea it is also the second-busiest seaport in the Arab world. With that being said it is a perfect place to relocate. However, there are some things you need to know before relocating and settling in. Our moving company prepared a guide on how to settle in after moving to Jeddah. We can assure you that reading this guide will help you have an easy transition to lifestyle in Jeddah.  Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Before you can settle in after moving to Jeddah you will need to relocate first

Settle in after a move can be tricky especially if you are moving abroad. Book a hotel and experience lifestyle in Jeddah before you call your movers and packers in Bahrain to help you with relocation. Also, there are some things you will need to sort out first.

  • Find a new home. The easiest way of doing that is renting an apartment. However, Jeddah allows foreigners to own real estate. The only thing you will need is the approval of the licensing authority. Therefore you will need to hire someone to help you with all paperwork and you will need to pay fees.
  • Try the food and find your go-to restaurant. Jeddah is well known for seafood. When you arrive take a walk and ask for directions for good restaurants. We recommend trying Al Baik, who knows you might find the perfect one for you.
  • Research culture and customs. This is an important step you need to do if you are a foreigner. There are some rules you need to obey.
  • Find a job. If you have not found it again you can take this time to do that. It will be easier to start fresh if you have a job in the city you relocate. However, if you are planning on relocating your business to Jeddah you need to hire professional cargo service. That way you will make sure everything will arrive on time.
  • Hire a customs broker. While you are there you should hire someone to help you with all of the customs paperwork. The best solution is to hire a customs broker. Moreover, they are experts in this field.
people working in the office
After you settle in Jeddah, you should find the job.

There are also some things you need to do before the move

Before you can settle in after the move to Jeddah you need to do the moving part. In order to do that as easily as possible, you should hire some professionals to help you. Find one of the best freight forwarding companies in Bahrain. They will help you have your belongings safely shipped to Jeddah. Moreover, they will help you also with insurance, customs clearance, packing, and export documentation. It is always better if you hire them than doing all of that on your own. They know how to do it and it might be less expensive if you pay then to do their job.

However, if you do not have enough belongings for shipment, you might consider looking for consolidated shipping Bahrain has to offer. Consolidate shipping is more coast efficient way of shipping your belongings. Therefore you don’t have to pay for the entire container you will pay only for the space your belongings are taking. Also, there is a reduced damage risk for your shipment. All you need to do is to contact them and give them all the needed information about the shipment. The only problem with this type of shipping can be that it might take more time to arrange everything.

shipping containers
Hire on of freight forwarding companies in Bahrain

There is a third option we would like to suggest to you. By hiring a professional logistics company you might be able to save some money. The primary job of a professional logistics company is to handle everything move-related. They will help you with packing, shipping arrangements,  and handling all other tasks. Also, they will give you advice on which shipping options work best for your relocation.

Settling in Jeddah after the move – what to visite

After your movers deliver all of your belongings to your new Jeddah address, you will need to unpack. There are some amazing things to visit in Jeddah. Here are some things you need to see no matter if you just moved to Jeddah or you are just passing by. After you all settle go and explore this amazing city.  However, we have prepared a shortlist of things you should definitely do in Jeddah:

  • Visit Fakieh Aquarium. This amazing place offers you swimming with dolphins among other things. This is Saudia Arabia’s only public aquarium with more than 200 species including the sharks.
  • Go shopping with friends. What is the better bonding thing to do than shopping if you are female. You can shop at the Mall of Arabia or the Red Sea Mall. Both of these malls have restaurants so if you get hungry during shopping you have nothing to worry about.
  • Enjoy the sunset on the Silver Sands Beach. For only 40 USD you can enjoy the day on this private beach. Moreover, the price includes the use of the washrooms and change rooms and access beach chairs for lounging in the sun.
girl touching aquarium glass
Take your kids to the freight forwarding companies in Bahrain when you settle in after moving to Jeddah.

What else can you do in Jeddah

You can always spend time in Jaddah’s amusement parks. There are 3 big amusement parks in Jaddah.

  • Al Shallal Theme Park -This family-friendly park features thrill rides, gentle rides for kids, boat rides, arcade games, and a skating rink.
  • Atallah Happy Land Park– One of the largest amusement parks where you can enjoy rock climbing and ice skating.
  • Jungle Land Theme Park – You can enjoy live lion performance and various circus acts.
  • Jeddah also has few Guinness world records attractions. The first we would like to mention is the tallest fountain King Fahad’s Fountain with water blast over 800 feet in the air. Also, there is Jeddah Flagpole that holds the Guinness World Records title as the tallest unsupported flagpole in the world.

We hope you will find this article useful and if you haven’t jet decide we hope it can help you chose Jeddah for your next home.

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