How to salvage packaging materials

There are a lot of items that require more than using regular packing materials. And there can be many cases when you need specialized equipment to ship them. That’s where salvage packaging materials come in. They are there to make sure that no residue from leaky or any other damage can’t get through them. Here is a quick guide on how to deal with them. And when to use them.

What are salvage packaging materials?

Salvage packaging materials are also known as salvage drums. And are also sometimes used interchangeably with overpacks. And while overpacks are used to secure the items further, salvage packaging is different. It most cases, it’s either a salvage drum or a cylinder made to ensure the safety of anyone who might come into contact with it. By ensuring that any leaks or other materials don’t get through. And cause damage to the equipment. Or harm to humans or animals.

movers using salvage packaging materials
A good and reliable moving company will provide you with salvage packaging materials

These materials are for hazardous items

One of the most common applications for salvage packaging materials is in the transportation of hazardous materials. It’s a special packaging meant for transport, recovery, and disposal of different hazardous materials. Materials or items that might be damaged, defective, leaking or otherwise nonconforming and dangerous. Even if those materials are packed in their original packaging. Salvage packaging materials will give you an extra layer of protection. Especially during cargo transport Bahrain. That’s why people mistook them for overpacks. But, there is a difference.

The difference between salvage packaging materials and overpacking

For this article, we’ll use a liquid cleaning solvent as an example of an item that can use both salvage packaging as well as overpacking. The cleaning solvent is usually packed in a plastic bottle or bin when you import and export it. If there is a leakage, it can cause unpleasant odors. And sometimes even harmful to humans and animals. In most cases, it would be bad if it gets into the soil. So, to prevent it, you will use overpacking to protect it. That means adding another layer of protection to make sure that the package doesn’t get damaged.

How is salvage packaging different?

On the other hand, salvage packaging materials are there in case the container suffers damage. In that case, it might not be effective or even possible to replace it. But you will still need to transport the cleaning solvent to a facility that can take care of it. In that case, you will call a Bahrain shipping service company and arrange for the transport. But, to make it safe for everyone involved you will need to contain the leak. In that case, you will need to use salvage packaging. By placing damaged containers filled with cleaning solvent it salvages drums, you will contain the leak. And you rest assured that any further spills won’t leave the drum. 

You will need salvage packaging materials if you are transporting dangerous items

Which industries need salvage packaging materials?

Many different industries greatly benefit from salvage packaging. Whenever there is a case when the cargo is hazardous or the package is damaged, salvage packaging will be used. Some of the examples are when transporting pharmaceuticals or jet fuel. Both can be highly hazardous to the environment and people handling it. Another instance when it is very useful is when the contents are too valuable to waste. So, if the packaging breaks or starts leaking, it needs to be quickly transported to a facility that can salvage as much of the compound as possible. And that’s where salvage packaging can help and save a lot of money.

When should you use salvage materials?

There are many instances when almost any business can have a use for salvage packaging materials. For example, if you have a load of dangerous chemicals that you don’t want leaking around. You will need to use a salvage drum when shipping to Bahrain. Mainly, to minimize the potential damage to the environment. It doesn’t matter if you deal with truly dangerous chemicals like acids. Or if you run a restaurant that deals with many different cleaning solutions. 

Main benefits of salvage packaging materials

As we already discussed here, there are many benefits of using salve packaging. For one, it ensures your safety and the safety of those handling your cargo. By providing an extra layer of protection, you ensure that not even a little bit of your cargo gets in contact with the equipment or people. Another benefit is when the transported items are valuable. In that case, you can save a lot of money by using salvage drums. The leak will be contained and you can save more easily recover from a very bad situation. 

sign for fragile
You will need to pay special attention when transporting fragile and hazardous items

The third benefit is when you need to transport especially hazardous or nonconforming materials. In that case, to clear customs, you will need to have special packaging in place. Otherwise, your cargo might be stuck on the customs. Or even destroyed to protect public safety. 

Where to get this?

There are many ways in which you can get your hands on the salvage packaging materials. Some companies produce their own. Especially big ones that need to make sure that it’s up to their standard. That way you can ensure that salvage drums are the right size. And made from the right materials. Certain acids can eat through plastics and even metals. Another way to get salvage packaging is through packing and crating companies in Bahrain. They can provide you with different types of salvage drums or cylinders. And you can use them to safely transport your cargo. It’s a more cost-effective way. Not to mention much faster in case of an emergency. 

It’s important to protect your cargo and the environment

Now that you know now a little bit more about how to salvage packaging materials, you can see the benefits of it. And the need for it as well. So, whenever you are transporting dangerous cargo, make sure that it’s very well sealed. And if you are afraid that there might be a leakage, make sure you overpack. And have salvage packaging materials ready in case of an emergency. 

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