How to reduce last-delivery costs

Over 300 logistics companies have stated that around 57% of their customers demand the same day delivery. Such a high demand for same-day delivery puts great pressure on these businesses to perfect their last-mile delivery. But such a boost often increases the total costs. To add insult to injury, customers also expect the companies to pay for the air freight cargo to Bahrain costs. 61% of customers are going to cancel their order if there’s no free shipping available. Along the same lines, 93% of the customers are likely to add to their purchase so that they can get the free shipping option. Due to such high demands from the customers, the companies have to reduce last-delivery costs. But how do they do it?

Man packing boxes in a van
While the consumers are enjoying this fast-paced service, the logistics and supply-chain companies are constantly feeling the heat.

How to logistics businesses solve this problem?

We saw some factors that cause an increase in the last mile delivery costs. For all the problems mentioned above, there’s a single solution – last-mile delivery software. This last-mile delivery system consists of advanced characteristics that solve all the expedited shipping problems by streamlining all its transactions. The process makes your last-mile delivery swift, optimized, and most importantly cost-efficient.

Let’s see how can you reduce last-delivery costs?

We are living in an era when lightning speed delivery has become a new norm. The latest technology enhancements have raised the consumer expectations to the all-time high. If we focus on eCommerce in the last two years, its growth has risen the B2B last-mile demand by about 33%. Similarly, B2C businesses have also experienced an expansion of 67%. Many advanced logistics relocation companies in Bahrain, offer an option to chat with drivers directly from the application. This feature helps the admin to easily identify and understand the cause of delay.

Verified deliveries

With the help of last-mile delivery technology, you can obtain proof of delivery. This will give you a clear record of when the shipment arrived, or who signed for them. With a mobile application, drivers can collect vital information. For example, barcodes, photos, signatures, and notes within a matter of seconds. This information provides you with vital insights that can help you to identify obstacles, verify deliveries, and make operations streamlined.

Man in a warehouse working to reduce last -delivery costs
The overall efficiency of deliveries suffers when it comes to the management of the massive volumes of last-mile deliveries.

Offer real-time updates to your customers to reduce last-delivery costs

You can take the customer experience to another level by offering them with real-time updates about their package. The admin can offer automatic status updates to its customers. Customers can receive notifications about cargo delay. They also receive the estimated time of arrival of their package. Apart from enhancing customer experience and transparency, this can also help reduce last-delivery costs. It’s because if the customer is well informed that he/she is more likely to be present for receiving the package. After this, you’ll have a significant reduction in the number of failed deliveries.

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