How to prepare children for moving abroad

Moving is a process that can be rather exhausting. After all relocating one’s whole life to another place can’t be easy. While it goes without saying that the adults feel the stress and strain of moving, children are especially susceptible to these in a move. That’s why it is important to prepare your children for moving abroad in time. Do this right and you will ensure your child will feel less stressed out by the move. So, if you have kids that will follow you in an international move, you’ve come to the right place!


Planning is a cornerstone of every good move. This is even more true for moving with children. With your kids depending on you, staying organized becomes paramount to conducting a move well.  This is especially true due to the fact that if you don’t leave enough time and are forced into last-minute packing you can end up stressed out and lash out at your child. This would be very counterproductive. Instead, try to leave six to eight weeks for moving preparations. That way, you will be in control of the move, which is something your child will sense. This will leave them feeling secure during the move preparations, which will only help them prepare for the move ahead.

Holding a family meeting to prepare your children for moving abroad

Moving brings with it moving stress. This is true for both children and adults alike. However, while adults will understand the importance of the move and the reasons behind it, children may have a harder time coping with a move. This is especially true for moving abroad. Considering how it takes the children away from the surroundings they have grown used to and removes them to a completely new place, moving abroad can have a deep impact on your child. Therefore it is very important to prepare your child mentally for this kind of a move. This can be done by holding a family meeting where you can explain to your child the reasons behind the move and what they can expect during and after the relocation.

A pizza
A good way to prepare children for moving abroad is to hold a family meeting and make it enjoyable for the kids


Try to make this talk as pleasant as possible. Doing this will ensure your child has a positive outlook on the move. You can do this by ordering food your child likes, like pizza or burgers. Also, try to focus on the positives of the move during the meeting. Discuss with them how they can help out with the move and what will be expected from them. If done right, this all will help your child mentally prepare for the move. Knowing what lies ahead will make the move less stressful for children. As such it is a vital step in preparing children for moving abroad.

Take care of your child’s relationships

Children of all ages will have friendships that will be left behind in an international move. This can feel like the end of those friendships, especially for younger children. This, however, doesn’t have to be true. Thanks to the wonders of the internet it is now easier than ever to maintain long-distance connections. Make sure your child realizes this and they will already feel better about the move. With this in mind, you can take steps to prepare children for moving abroad by proactively working on them maintaining their old connections.

Two children in the street
Take care of your child’s connections before and after the move.

One thing you can do is make sure your child exchanges contacts with its old friends. Another thing you could do is organize a moving out party. Invite their friends over for fun activities and take photos. These will later become cherished keepsakes for your child after the move. For the closest group of friends, you can also organize a sleepover. This will give your child a chance to say their goodbyes in their own time.

Include your child in the packing process and make it a family activity

Another thing you can do to prepare children for moving abroad is to include them in the packing process. Having them help with the packing will give them a feeling of control over the move. To do this you can give them freedom in packing their room and deciding what to bring along. You can also keep them included in other packing tasks, too. Just make sure to include them in the packing of things that are appropriate to their age. While your child can help you with packing your book collection, depending on their age you should keep them away from sharp objects, like those found in the kitchen. On the other hand, there are plenty of other packing and crating companies in Bahrain to help you out with the rest.

Tho kids playing videogames.
Motivate your children to take part in the packing and de-cluttering process.

Another thing that can help prepare your children for moving abroad in connection to packing for an international move is having them help with the de-cluttering. As you decide what items you will be leaving behind, you can leave your children in charge of a moving sale. Making the goal of this sale to buy something your children will enjoy in the new home is a great way to motivate them. Be it a gaming console or a puppy, having a clear goal for the sale will help your children with leaving behind some of their own old, excess items too.

How to prepare children for moving abroad like a pro

Getting ready to move abroad is a big step in any adult’s life. With all the things to take care of and keep in mind, there will be a lot on your shoulders. Adding children to that mix may seem to raise the difficulty of the move by a factor of ten. However, if you follow through our step you should be able to prepare your children for moving abroad with ease. Just keep in mind that your own mental state will have a major impact on how your kids perceive the move. As long as you stay positive, and keep your child’s attitude towards the move positive, you should be all good. With all this being said, all that remains for us is to wish you good luck!

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