How to pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein

Renting a storage unit was always a good way to expand your space. Especially if you are moving to a smaller home. Or maybe you want to support your hobbies, have another garage, or support your business. In that case, for frequent usage, you’ll need climate controlled storage Bahrain. But whatever you decide on storing, you must pack it the right way. So, let us show you how to pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein. Let’s protect your fragile valuables and keep them safe for as long as you need.

Use good quality supplies to pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein

No matter if you are using a long or short term storage unit in Bahrain, packing must be impeccable. This means you must obtain higher-quality packing materials. And there are many options out there. But the commonly used ones are cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and of course, labels. You can easily order everything online or purchase at the nearest store. Or if you are moving, consider purchasing everything from your movers. They can even pack you if you utilize their amazing packing services.

A person holding hundred dollar bills
Realize your moving budget and decide on the quality of packing materials.

The higher-quality packing materials are Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, plastic bins, wooden crates, and custom-made boxes. The list goes on and on and it all depends on what you want to achieve. Considering your needs and the budget you dedicated, you’ll probably find the best solution somewhere in the middle. Just make sure that your items are properly packed and secured before storing them.

Use proper containers to pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein

Some people would say, you need only a carton box to pack stuff for storage. This is wrong! More so if you are planning on using your storage frequently. Simply by moving through it all the time, you are increasing the chance to break something. Therefore, pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein must be done right and with the proper packing supplies. So, let us list down a few mandatory ones that will be sufficient for most of the situations:

  • Cardboard box – Yes, the best option out there is the cardboard moving box. But if you decide on using it, you must purchase higher-quality ones. Those are more resilient and harder to tear but still within range of your budget. Also, there are different shapes and sizes so you would pick the ones that fit your items. You can apply corner pads as well to strengthen the box a bit.
  • Packing tape – Tape will hold your boxes together. Obviously, you want a good one, but if you are intending on opening boxes from time to time, then it makes no difference. Just make sure to apply a new one each time you are closing the box.
  • Blister pack – This is by far the best cushion. No matter which kind of container you use, if you put bubble wrap inside, your items will be safe. Of course, do not haul and toss your fragile items, nothing will prevent damage against that.
  • Labels – Place a label on each box to raise awareness and to find your items when you need them.
pack your glassware for a storage in Bahrein in proper cardboard boxes
Use proper boxes to hold your glassware. Cardboard and cushion are the way to go.

How much stuff you have?

Now you know how to pack and which materials to use. And before you begin, you should figure out how many items you are packing. Also, to figure out if something should be thrown away. Decluttering is a healthy process where you get rid of unused items and free yourself from the hoard. It will make your relocation cheaper, easier, and your new space will be clutter-free. Therefore, inspect all your possessions and set aside those you do not need anymore. Or you can simply rent bigger storage and keep those items after all.

Storage units come in many sizes and you should calculate your budget and figure out if you can support this idea. Some people move into smaller homes and rent storage to leave a portion of their items there. Others are using storage when renovating a home to keep their furniture and glassware protected while moving through the home with power tools. There are many uses for a good storage unit, and you will decide what is best for you.

Packing glassware 101

Now, let’s pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein together! Start by placing bubble wrap inside your box. Make a soft landing for your glassware and then wrap each piece individually before placing it inside the box. Wider boxes are better for this occasion to give you enough space to place more cushion between items. So, once you fill your box, fill the gaps with blankets, sheets, old cloth, or more blister packs. Finally, close your box and tape it down.

A woman cutting down bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is the ultimate protection. Use it and keep your items safely stored.

Use several layers of tape to make the whole batch stronger and able to endure the voyage. The final step is to write the content on the label and mark each box adequately. Make a matching system if you like. You can use colors, numbers, or a detailed description. Match your label with the items on your checklist and you will know exactly what your box holds. And repeat this process until you are packed completely.

Do you need professional help?

If you have more than you can handle, or you simply do not want to break something, you should ask for additional help. You can ask your family members, friends, or neighbors to help you when cleaning, preparing, and packing glassware for storage. But, if you are not doing this yourself, we would recommend enlisting professional movers to pack and relocate this one for you. Especially if you are moving house and you want to store a portion of your belonging away. Check your local Four Winds Bahrain moving company and the moving services they offer. You will find that a moving professional with all the knowledge, expertise, and the right tools, can handle this much better and with a lower chance of mishaps. Therefore, give them a call at least and figure out if this is the way to go.

Ok, now you know how to pack your glassware for storage in Bahrein. It won’t be hard at all if you have help, proper materials, and a lot of patience. Now you have the necessary knowledge and we think you are well equipped to undertake this task. Good luck and stay safe!

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