How to pack your bathroom for relocation

Are you looking for additional advice on how to pack your bathroom for relocation? The best way is to take advice from packing companies in Bahrain, such as Fourwinds Bahrain. Packing your bathroom isn’t a complicated process, but it can be tiresome. Keep on reading to find out how to conduct it properly!

pack your bathroom for relocation
Decluttering is the beginning of the moving process, and as such, it’s very important.

Start decluttering early to properly pack your bathroom for relocation

Decluttering will not only lessen your costs, but it will also save you time during the packing process. If you start decluttering early, you will have more time to overcome the possible obstacles. Packing the toiletries isn’t hard – you can use the sellotape to tape the lids. This will ensure that shampoos and shower gels don’t open during the move. Big electrical appliances such as washing machines are the bigger problem. Our advice is to sell it at your current place of residence. By doing that, you avoid paying expensive transport fees, which are very high for heavy items. You can also use the money to buy a similar washing machine when you arrive and settle down. 

Use the plastic boxes for toiletries

Before you devote yourself to packing, you should make a list of all the toiletries you have. Sort them by category, and prepare them for packing. Do so by taping the lids and putting each bottle or cream in a separate bag. Sort your makeup nicely and place the protecting plastic over the brushes. Pack the mirrors the way you would pack the paintings for shipping. Order a few plastic boxes of the size you need. You’ll need to place all of your toiletries in those plastic boxes. They are sturdier than the cardboard ones and they handle the mechanic stress better. That is another layer of protection for all of your items.  

Cardboard boxes are good for soft items

Cardboard items are a good choice for towels, bathroom robes, and similar items that are soft. They cost less and nothing is going to happen to your towels even if the box endures mechanical stress. You should make sure to place all of your towels in the plastic bags to prevent moisture from reaching them. 

Fragile items need special care

If you have glass decorations, containers where you keep your toothbrushes, brush for the toilet, etc – you will have to wrap it in bubble wrap and get specialty boxes. Bahrain shipping is the best choice if you’re concerned about the safety of your fragile items. Nothing beats the years of experience. If you decide to tackle the challenge yourself, remember that specialty boxes should be slightly bigger than the item itself. When you palace it in the box, if there is some space left, you should fill it in with the packing peanuts. 

toilettries in a drawer
After you pack your bathroom for relocation, you should clean it thoroughly!

After you pack your bathroom for relocation, clean it

The last step before you call some of the moving companies Bahrain to pick up your items is to thoroughly clean your bathroom. You can do that yourself, or you can call the cleaning services – do whatever seems more suitable for your situation. Leaving everything clean behind is not only polite, but it’s also a way to say goodbye to space. 

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