How to Pack Sports Equipment for Transport

Depending on the transportation method, you have different ways of packing sports equipment for transport. Bahrain shipping companies advise learning a few techniques. It is not the same if you have material for skiing and bowling, for example. Equipment for different sports is different, too. So you should learn to pack them differently. However, for each of them, sports equipment is very hard for packing. There are a few reasons for that.

Why is packing sports equipment hard?

  • Usually, sports equipment is extensive – no matter which sport you practice, you must pack very long sticks or large bags with sports wardrobe;
  • Although it is not a rule, mostly sports equipment is cumbersome, so you must prepare for extra costs when packing for a plane;
  • You surely know that the equipment that you use for sport is costly – you surely do not want to lose it or damage;
  • It is not easy to pack sports equipment for transport when you know how expensive it was;
  • For professional sportspeople, equipment is usually unique and custom made of different parts. They pack them along with other stuff for traveling – for them, companies have created a particular type called consolidated shipping, so helpful in every circumstance.

If you have decided to pack your equipment for the next shipping, you should learn a few rules for packing sports equipment. It is not easy to organize the packing of these sensitive items. However, if you have decided to pack them alone, you should know a few rules. After protection, you should consider the money spent when transporting.

Golf sticks
You should prepare yourself for sensitive and fragile parts when packing sports equipment

Safety is paramount if you want to pack sports equipment for transport properly

People are not always aware of the need for protection when transporting items. It is primarily a case when packing everyday items and equipment. When using tools or equipment for hobbies, they are not aware of the danger that they represent. However, they are heavy and could severely damage other items in the vehicle. Do not mention that they could seriously hurt people there, too.

Ensure everything before packing

One of the first things you should do is to ensure that your equipment will not damage anything. It means that you should estimate how dangerous they are. International relocation and logistics companies have a list of things you should do. However, you could do it alone. Protect everything from blowing, firing, and breaking. Deflate tires, empty air tanks, etc.

Secure from falling off

Every equipment has parts that could fall off and damage other items in the vehicle. You should find out which of them are on that list. Usually, you should follow the same guide as for relocating household appliances. Remove removable parts, screws, and pedals. Protect heavy items and mark them appropriately.

Remove lamps and power sources

Those parts could damage other items in the vehicle. Also, they could explode and make small parts of glass. Batteries, on the other hand, are full of acid that could cause serious troubles. Do not forget to protect them during transport, or send them to the specialized storage for recycling.

Protection is undoubtedly crucial if you pack sports equipment for transport alone

Moving and transportation companies know for it, but you are maybe not aware of the importance of protection. Even if you have equipment for recreational sports activities, it is usually expensive. You must not allow yourself and moving the company to leave them in a truck. You must protect it adequately.

There is equipment that is very heavy although small

Declutter all you can

Like in any other packing, you should declutter large items and pack them separately. It will take more time for preparation, though. However, you must not save time for protection. Use the professional tool for it, so make sure that you have done it correctly. You can ask professionals for advice, or ask in-store, too.

Wrap sensitive parts

Maybe you have weights so fell that they cannot damage during transport. However, if they have parts made of chrome, you must wrap them. In this step, you should act like in any other packing. Use no printed paper, bubble wrapping. And do not tight plastic wrap too much.

Use professional cases

It is easiest to ask professionals about how to pack sports equipment. Usually, they have it in stores that sell sports equipment. However, do not forget that you have great carriers for them. In some cases, you can use original packages for transport, too.

Money is in the first place if you pack sports equipment for transport alone

People usually decide to pack equipment alone, even to save money. They think that in that way they avoid expensive moving companies. However, they still must prepare their wallets for costs. It is not easy to pack and protect sports equipment for low money. You must organize packing equipment and hire a few services for it.

Inform air company

People are afraid of extra costs, so sometimes choose to hide what they have inboxes. Also, people do not feel that they should report for equipment that they use for recreational sport. However, it is highly relevant to show to the company what do you have in bags. They will know how to pack your equipment in a trunk.

Prepare for extra fees and costs

Even if you have small and not that expensive equipment, you should prepare that transportation company will charge for it. However, it is not the money just for transporting. They must organize their space in the vehicle and protect other items. In some cases, they must arrange individual insurance and protection. So, do not hide anything from them.

You are lucky if have small and recreational equipment for the sport

Insurance is critical

Many people take insurance when traveling. For moving to another country, it is even more critical. However, most people do not know that they should take insurance when packing sports equipment for transport. It is highly essential to know it, though. Even rented sports equipment comes with travel insurance. The reason is that the moving company cannot predict possible damages. It is much better to have some protection.

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