How To Pack Paintings For A Move

It is very difficult to pack paintings for a move. Even professionals prepare long for this process. It is very important to prepare proper packing material, organize shipping, and find a good company for this job. If you have doubts about who is good enough to transport your paintings, you should rely on movers and packers in Bahrain with long experience and great workers in this field. They will properly organize relocation, respecting your valuables, and following all-important guides.

Many people worry about painting relocation because of their value. Although all pieces of art are expensive, the price of them could be very different. While some of them are valuable only for your family, others could have an extremely high market price. Regardless of which of those two you have, you should learn to pack and transport properly.

You must be well prepared if you want to properly pack painting for a move
There are a lot of important steps you should learn before packing paintings for a move

Prepare to pack paintings for a move

While every packing should start from purchasing the supplies, when paintings are about you should have one more step before. They are expensive but only professionals can precisely estimate their value. You should not hesitate to ask in specialized stores for advice on how to pack and protect paintings. After that, you can ask professionals for advice.

  • You will need special packages specially made for paintings and mirrors – it is time to look for wooden packing crates in Bahrain;
  • Prepare for a little higher prices than usual – you will surprise how high prices of transportation and packing could be for pieces of art;
  • There are a lot of things you should know if want to pack paintings for a move – the most important is that they are extremely sensitive;
  • Usually, paintings are large so you should not hesitate to pack them in special and large boxes;
  • Since they are valuable, you should have insurance and prepare for the expensive process of protecting and transporting.

Special packages

Usually, paintings are packed in special crates made of wood. They have separated parts so your paintings are packed properly. It is hard to find those packages and use them properly if not have experience. So, it is better to rely on companies that organize fine art moving in Bahrain.

Wooden crates

You can be sure that common packing and crating is not good enough for these situations. Many companies use wooden crates to transport mirrors and paintings. Since those packages are specially made for valuable paintings, you should ask professionals for help. You cannot make it or use something similar for these purposes.

Choose company smartly

It is not enough to ask companies if they can organize transporting of your paintings. You should rely on professional and specialized companies. Do not hesitate to ask all questions you have and check their experience and professionalism. It worth choosing a vehicle for transporting paintings, too.

You should use only professional packages for paintings

Pack paintings for a move to protect them

Packing of the pieces of art is different because of protection. You cannot put them in a box. They are very sensitive and made of materials that do not accept changes in temperature and humidity. On the other hand, you should protect them from stealing and losing. All above is not that hard, but you should have proper help from the people from this field.

Protect glass

Most of the paintings have glass on the top so you should pay attention to that, too. Although that piece of glass is not that valuable part, it could damage paint if broke during transportation. The best way is to use tape and make a large “X” in the center.

Use special paper

Although many people feel that ordinary paper is good enough for the protection of the paintings, it is not good enough for these purposes. It is much better to use a special acid-free paper. You should learn the differences between acid-free and archival paper and use them accordingly.

Protect corners and frame

Paintings are not only valuable because of the picture they represent. There are a lot of other things that are also expensive for them. Most old paintings have expensive frames, which you should protect, too. The best way is to use special paper and cardboard for corners. Make sure that you have protected it without taping it because the glue on the tape could also damage the frame.

Protect the bottom of the box

It should be easy and if you move with other stuff, cheap protection. The easiest way is to fill the boxes with pillows and blankets which will protect paintings from damage. If you use wooden crates, things are harder. However, you can put the same items below the wooden box and make sure that they will not damage during transportation.

Professionals know that you must label and seal boxes properly when transporting paintings

Label boxes

If you use ordinary boxes to pack your paintings for relocation, you should not forget to label them. It will help the workers and you when arrive and unpack boxes. You should not forget that labeling is a way to protect items inside of the boxes in any circumstance.

Pack paintings for a move like any other valuable item

Since you have a problem with valuable items, you should not rely on an ordinary moving company. There are a lot of specialized companies that could help you in this job properly. The key is in having a special tool, packing material, and workers that are skilled in this job. However, the most important is to act with these pieces like any other valuable item, like jewelry or electric devices.


There is no excuse to avoid this extremely important part of your move. Insurance is important even if you do not have valuable items like paintings. However, when you have expensive items, you should find a way to protect yourself from loss. Choose insurances that have experience in this job.

Seal properly

Although you will use a professional tool you should not forget to seal the box properly. It is more than putting tape on the top of the box. You should learn to seal it so avoid all possible problems. Pack paintings for a move like they will face troubles, stealing, and other problems that may happen.

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