How To Move Plants To Another Country

It is not easy to move plants to another country. Although great companies like Four Winds, Bahrain will be happy to organize that job, it is not easy at all. You should know that moving plants is hard and usually not recommended. There are a lot of reasons for it. You know that there are plants that you cannot transport or are forbidden in some countries. It is for sure that you must pack them in individual packages and move with care.

If you feel connected to your precious plants, then consider taking them. However, you should prepare for that job carefully. Some countries have trouble to deal with pests that people make with their plants. On the other hand, you will see that some types of plants hardly survive long traveling. So, ask professionals for help and pay special attention to packing plants.

Home plants
Home plants could be very large and sensitive so consider leaving them

Check which is the easiest way to move plants to another country

Like in any other movie, you should prepare for this job. There is a long list of preparations that you must make before packing. Plants are especially sensitive. You cannot just put them in a bag. The easiest way is to ask people in large garden stores for packages, boxes, and wrapping. On the other hand, you may use special fertilizer or protection for leaves and soil. Some countries, though, demand changing of the land before moving plants.

  • Before packing to move plants to another country, consider leaving them to your friends – some states do not allow taking plants with you;
  • Protect every part of the plant during moving – starting from the leaves to the pot;
  • Offshore shipping companies in Bahrain could help you in another vital job – preparing documentation for every type of moving you need;
  • The climate in the new country could affect your plant’s health – so, check it before starting with packing;
  • Stress is not suitable for your plants, so sometimes it is not that smart to take them with you – there are many of your friends who will be happy to get your plant and grow it instead of you.

Consult experts

You surely have a person that advises you about your plants. Those persons know to recommend the best fertilizer or protection for the plant. It is a moment to ask them for advice again. The first you should ask is how to pack and protect the plant. Companies that organize air cargo Bahrain will pack your valuable items, including plants, properly. However, you should protect it from pests and sicknesses.

Growing conditions

Every country has a unique climate and humidity. You should research it thoroughly before organizing the moving of your plants. There are situations when you cannot organize international moving for your home plant easily. Good companies will help you as much as possible.

Small plants
You should protect the plant and the pots, too

State guidelines

Believe you or not, but some states do not allow the importing of some types of plants. They have reasons for that. In most cases, they concern it as a high risk for plants and soil in their country. So, before organizing to move plants, ask for particular conditions and legislation.

Packing problems

You are undoubtedly aware of the possible problems with packing when moving of the plant is about. You should know that plants are not so easy to pack. There are a lot of different parts you should protect. On the other hand, you know that plants could lose soil, or make other items in the truck dirty. To avoid all problems you can, choose packing and crating services that you have trust in.

Packing is crucial if you want to move plants to another country

You are aware that you cannot pack plants in the same way as other items. They are sensitive and, on some level – alive. You must pay attention to comfort and acceptable conditions to fulfill before moving. When it comes to the packing, you must prepare individual boxes, wrapping paper, and new pots. If you transport plants in a truck, develop large boxes and protection.

Use plastic containers

No matter how great your plant is and sturdy flowerpot you have, you should protect them for transportation. The easiest way is to use individual containers, which you should purchase before packing. Do not forget on leaves. Choose large boxes to put the plant in there.

Some plants could be dangerous for transporting

Change soil

There is strong legislation that you should follow when it is plants’ moving about. You need to change the soil and protect it from losing. The reason is usually a problem with the pests and parasites that you do not know you have. They could make trouble in a new country.

Cutting helps

You should not transport large plants without preparation. There is no reason to carry them with all leaves it has. The much more natural way is to cut ends and spare leaves. Do not worry, though; your plant will grow faster after that.

Transport is critical if we want to move plants to another country carefully

Plants are sensitive and usually do not accept traveling. You should know that most of them do not survive traveling so easy. On the other hand, it is essential to have a special place in the truck for your plants. You must protect them from damaging or losing soil. Professionals recommend taking your plants with you in the car, especially for smaller specimens.

Sending by plane is a risk

You should avoid sending the plants by plane. According to TSA rules, you can put the plant in the plane’s cargo and transport it. However, there is a strict rule on how to organize it and protect it. Do not forget that the temperature in load is much lower, so your plant could freeze there.

You can use mail service

Yes, you can send your plant with mail or shipping services. They will use special packages and vehicles for that. The easiest way is to ask them for advice and proper packing material. In that way, you can move plants to another country more accessible.

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