How to handle temperature-sensitive cargo

Shipping cargo across the world can be a very sensitive job. Depending on the cargo in question, you need to take certain precautions. Especially when you need to handle temperature-sensitive cargo. Those can be many different things. From frozen food to vaccines. Or sensitive technology that needs to stay at a certain temperature. And in that case, you need to ensure that the cargo is well protected. Especially from any variations in environmental conditions. Here are a few tips on how to handle such cargo. And how to safely transport it to its destination.

Prepare to handle temperature-sensitive cargo

The first step in making sure that you are able to handle temperature-sensitive cargo is to identify it. More often than not, your cargo will be made up of many different items. Some more sensitive than others. So, make a list of all your cargo. And identify what needs to be kept at a certain temperature. It’s important to do this first. Because when booking air freight cargo Bahrain you need to inform the shipping company. And give them a list of all sensitive items that you will be transporting. That way, both you and your logistics company will be able to better prepare to handle that temperature-sensitive cargo. 

list to help you handle temperature-sensitive cargo
List all temperature-sensitive items you are transporting

Types of temperature-sensitive cargo

There are many different types of temperature-sensitive cargo. Some are more sensitive than others. Certain items need to be kept at a constant temperature throughout the transport. And they need climate-controlled storage in order to be preserved. Handling vaccines, for example, is quite delicate. While others can allow for slight variations in temperature. Here is a list of some examples:

  • Frozen food, fruit, and vegetables
  • Wine
  • Sensitive technology
  • Sensitive electronic prototypes
  • Medications, vaccines, etc.

Aside from these, there are many other types. If you, for example, run a trading company, it’s best to consult with the manufacturer. Especially if you are unsure about the items you are transporting. 

Pharmaceuticals are an example of temperature-sensitive cargo
Pharmaceuticals are a good example of temperature-sensitive cargo

Find a reliable shipping company that can handle your cargo

When transporting sensitive items, like temperature-sensitive cargo it’s important to only work with reliable partners. So, it’s paramount to look for reputable and experienced temperature-controlled shipping companies. That way, you can be sure that your cargo will be safe abord their planes. Or freighters. And you won’t have to worry about some or all of it being damaged or ruined. 

Only experienced shipping companies can properly handle temperature-sensitive cargo

When it comes to transporting very sensitive cargo, like pharmaceuticals, it’s important to work with proven partners. Risking your entire shipment with an unproven company can turn out disastrous. So, look for a well-established logistics company Bahrain. And make sure that they have what it takes to transport your cargo. There are many different ways in which you can tell if the company is up to the task.

Look at their previous shipments

One way to know if the shipping company can handle temperature-sensitive cargo is to look at their previous shipments. And assess whether or not they can safely transport your cargo. So, when contacting a Bahrain shipping company, ask about their previous shipments. Ask if they have experience shipping your kind of cargo. And whether or not they can handle it. In this case, their experience is of key importance. If they’ve been in business for a long time, they probably have the expertise needed. 

Inquire if their equipment can handle temperature-sensitive cargo

Even though the shipping company might have ample experience and know-how, that might not be enough. It’s also important that the equipment they are using is well serviced. And in good working order. So, make sure you inquire about which equipment they are using for your shipment. Make sure you get information about how often their equipment is serviced. And what precautions they take to ensure that it works perfectly during transport.

Ask about security measures taken handling your cargo

Another important aspect is the measures taken to protect your temperature-sensitive cargo. It doesn’t matter if you import or export. Or just transporting your cargo from one facility to another. So, ask about temperature-monitoring systems. And how you and they can track the cargo. There are many ways to handle temperature-sensitive cargo. And you need your cargo to be handled with great care. And with security in mind. 

reliable shipping company to handle temperature-sensitive cargo
Choose a reliable shipping company for your cargo

Notify your shipping company in advance that they need to handle temperature-sensitive cargo

Most shipping companies will not have a whole fleet of refrigerated trucks ready to go. They are expensive and needed that often. So, you need to notify your Bahrain cargo transport company about your cargo. That way they can prepare the equipment. And manpower to handle your shipment. Depending on the cargo you plan on transporting. And the quantity. You might want to do it well in advance. Sometimes a few days in advance will be enough. But, for especially large shipments, they might need more than that. 

The packaging is very important  when you handle temperature-sensitive cargo

When transporting temperature-sensitive items, it’s important that they are packed properly. Otherwise, even the best shipping company will not be able to transport it safely. Consider if you need salvage packaging. And make sure that the packing process is done in a safe manner. Both for you and your cargo. Packaging can also impact your cargo volume. Refrigerated shipping containers have less available space. As the extra room is needed for the cooling apparatus. So, make sure to have that in mind. 

Think about unloading and storage

With a good shipping company, you can handle temperature-sensitive cargo. But, you also need to know what to do with it once it arrives at the destination. Once it completes the customs clearance process you will need to quickly transport it to a safe facility. That can be your own building with the needed equipment. Or you might need special storage space for it. Either way, it’s important to have that in mind. That way you can ensure that your cargo doesn’t get damaged in the process.

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