How To Disassemble And Pack A Dining Room Table

Many people avoid packing a dining room table for moving. They consider leaving it and buying a new one. It is for sure that they have good reasons for that. However, there are situations when you should think about taking the table with you. Maybe it is a family memory or cost too much to leave it when moving. It is for sure that movers and packers in Bahrain will easily organize relocation for it. However, most of the things you can do alone, too.

The hardest part of packing your table is to disassemble it. Not only that you will need to remove large parts from each other, but you will need to think about losing parts and screws. They could damage things in the truck and you can lose them. So, after you prepare tools, you should also prepare good packing material. Only in that way, you will be able to control all you have in the boxes.

A dining table with the food
Many people cannot leave the dining table when moving because of so many memories that family share with it

Prepare to pack a dining room table

Like in any other situation, the right preparation could make a miracle for packing. You will surprise how great is when you prepare for this job. Even the hardest pieces of furniture you can transport if have a plan for disassembling and packing it. So, firstly prepare the tool, packing material, and make a plan of disassembling.

  • The dining room table is very large and usually takes too much space – it is even harder to pack it and prepare for moving;
  • You should hire only professional packing companies in Bahrain for this job – because furniture is heavy and usually very expensive;
  • One of the reasons why is hard to pack a dining room table is because of its sensitivity – you will not be able to control each part of your relocation so prepare for possible problems;
  • A large dining table could damage other items in the truck and for most people, it is a disaster;
  • Do not forget that you can have serious injuries because of this job – so make sure that you have used only a proper tool.

Consider leaving

The first question you should ask in this situation is if you need to take the table with you. It is heavy, usually very expensive and hard for transporting. You can save a lot of money, or even earn by selling it. It is surely much better than packing and crating and all those problems with transporting.

Ask friends

This time you will need as much help as you can get. It is easy to organize Bahrain shipping for transporting, but you must organize loading the truck. So, make sure that you have the proper help of friends, neighbors, and every person that is willing to help you.

pack a dining room table
Do not forget to remove all removable parts when packing a dining room table

Pack upfront

When these large and heavy items are about, you should start as soon as possible. Purchase decluttering tools before start with packing. You cannot be sure how long it will take so do not risk delaying because of improper preparation. It should the first thing you will do.

Disassemble and pack a dining room table

Maybe you feel this like an impossible and too hard job. However, if you have the right tool and a plan, the job is much easier. The most important is to make the plan of disassembling and do it right. If you have a manual with the table, the job will be much easier. Otherwise, you can rely on your instinct.

Removable parts

Every piece of furniture has removable parts that you should remove before decluttering. They could fall during transportation and damage something. Also, you can lose it and for most of the furniture is hard to find spare parts. So, firstly put those parts in a safe package.

Use instruction manual

If you have bought the table, you surely got an instruction manual with it. Most of the people assemble the furniture alone. If you are one of them, you have surely kept the manual somewhere in drawers. Manufacturers made these instructions to help in these situations and they are the best for this problem.

Prepare tool

For most people disassembling the furniture is easy and you should not worry much about it. However, you should not start with it unprepared. You should visit a hardware store and ask for advice. They will give advice on which is the best tool for this purpose. Do it on time, before start with packing.

Use cardboard

Since there is one large piece of the table, you should have the right protection for it. The most important is to get a new and clean piece and have time to tight the table to it. Thanks to the protection, cardboard could be good enough for transportation.

A dining room table
You should start with the preparation of the moving on time

Warnings that you should be aware of when packing a dining room table

Although there are a lot of things that you should be aware of, it is hard to say what you should pay attention to the most. It is for sure that you will not be able to control all you need when packing large furniture. It is the reason why our experts have made a guide on what to know before packing a dining table.

Measure doors

People forget about this problem, mostly believing that each piece of furniture could get through the doors. However, it is not that easy as you may think. You should first measure the doors, the ceiling, and the hallway. In that way, you will have space to move all parts easily.

Use Ziploc bags

No matter how your dining room table is large, you will have a lot of small pieces and screws. It is best to use Ziploc bags to keep them in one place and protect them from loss. On the other hand, those bags are thick and protective of damages and humidity.

Start earlier

It is not important how long you will pack your items, you should start as early as you can. Do not forget that you will pack a dining room table the longest than other items. It will spare you from stress and delay, too.


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