How to calculate air freight rates

Do you plan on flying soon, but you’re not sure how to calculate air freight rates? Movers and Packers in Bahrain can help you decode the way you can calculate air freight rates. Don’t worry – it shouldn’t take you long to understand the process. To do so, you’ll need to pay attention to two things: the chargeable weight, and the rate that can be applied to that certain weight. 

calculate air freight rates
There are numerous variables that affect the air freight rate.

Total freight rate

So, what’s the total freight rate? To get the number, you need to multiply the chargeable weight with the rate that’s applicable to that weight. It’s simple math that can be done in any calculator, but remember that logistics companies in Middle East generally have different rates.

To calculate air freight rates correctly, we’ll need to get a little more insight into those variables: 

  • Applicable rate: That’s the amount of money you need to pay per kg or a pound, and it’s not universal. It’s something that your airline company decides for themselves, so it’s unique to each company. 
  • Chargeable weight: That’s an easy one – it’s gross or volume weight. Keep in mind that, when we’re talking about gross weight, we’re including the suitcase or anything your items are packed in into the equation as well. You can easily calculate the volume weight by multiplying all three dimensions: height, width, and depth. If this weight is bigger than the actual weight, then it becomes the weight that they’re going to charge you with. 

Mind the packaging

Since we’ve had a little introduction about how the freight is calculated, now you know that you should mind the packaging and its weight. The cargo is used by importers or exporters – and they are in need of fast and quality moving services.
There are aircraft parts logistics that you need to get acquainted with first.
Cargo aircraft has those structures:

  • Side and Nose cargo space
  • Main deck space
  • Engine 

That’s important because the rate is also affected by:

  • Fuel and Security charges
  • Cargo insurance
  • Accessorial charges

But don’t worry – in the past few years, ocean freight charges have dropped significantly

What to do when you can’t calculate air freight rates right?

There are several things you can do:

  • Try online air freight rates calculator
  • Take a break and come back another day to keep working on your research 
  • Call a reliable company and get help from professionals
fingers pointing at laptop
Consulting professionals can help you understand air freight calculations much faster!

Get help when trying to calculate air freight rates

When you’re first getting acquainted with air freight rates they can seem very complicated. There’s a lot of variables that the rate depends on, and having to spend hours on research when you just want to find out a final price can drive anyone crazy. Don’t forget that you can get a freight quote, which will save you a lot of time, effort, and energy. That way, you get reliable information from professionals. Moreover, that means that you’re getting a number that won’t differ much from the final price. When you’re trying to calculate air freight alone, there’s always a possibility of a mistake. By letting the professionals handle the logistics, you have more time to devote to other obligations while you keep peace of mind, knowing that you’ll get an invaluable piece of information. 

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