Guidelines to shipping herbs and spices overseas

Before shipping herbs and spices overseas, you need to learn how to properly prepare them for relocation. There are some simple steps that will help you ship herbs and spices, and yet you will be able to avoid any damage. You will probably need to find reliable freight forwarding companies in Bahrain that will be able to assist you. They know all the regulations, and they can speed up the whole process. 

If you are shipping herbs and spices overseas you need to get proper packing materials

If you want to transport herbs and spices, you need to make sure to get the proper packing materials. The proper package can save your items form any potential damage, even if there is a cargo delay. You should get enough of plastic bags, plastic containers, plastic foil, aluminum foil, packing peanuts. Depending on what herbs and spices you are relocating you will need to maybe ven get glass containers. Do your research and find the proper package.

If you are shipping spices use plastic bags

One of the best ways to transport spices is by using plastic bags. You can pack the spice in smaller plastic bags, and secure them. The best way to do that is to use plastic foil. You should wrap bags in plastic foil. Also, one of the best ways to transport spices is to place those plastic bags into a plastic container. That way you can be sure that your spices will not be crumpled.

spices ready for the shipping herbs and spices overseas
You will need to secure plastic bags with spices

Additionally, you can use plastic wrap and wrap each plastic box. That will prevent any potential damage to the box, and that way your spices will be transported safely. Shipping herbs and spices overseas can be tricky, but you can always ask for help from logistics companies in the Middle East. They will be able to provide you with all the packing materials you need, and advice. 

When shipping herbs make sure to protect them from damage

Shipping herbs overseas is rather challenging. But with the proper preparation, your herbs will reach their destination in perfect condition. Keep in mind that some of the herbs are temperature-sensitive and that they will need additional attention. The best way to prepare your herbs is to water them before the packing. The best thing to do is to protect the roots of the plant by covering them with moist towels. After you have secured the roots you should wrap them with the plastic wrap. If it is possible you should put the plant to be upright. You can fill the box with packing peanuts and secure the plant.

fresh herbs in a pot
You need to secure the roots of the herb you plan on shipping

Before shipping herbs and spices overseas – check regulations

Before you ship herbs and spices, you need to check the regulations. When it comes to Bahrain regulations, there are certain items that are prohibited. You can always check the updated list of allowed and prohibited items on the official website. That way – you will avoid any potential issues or delays!


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