Guide to relocating an entire production line abroad

If you’re planning on relocating your entire production line abroad, you probably have a complicated and daunting journey ahead of you. And we know how you feel! As part of our consolidated shipping services Bahrain, we have completed many manufacturing plant relocations across the states, and internationally, so we’re familiar with the process, the common mistakes, and the fact that no two relocations are ever the same. Fortunately, we have a helpful guide for most people to include when designing a project plan for relocating a production line overseas.

Man welding before relocating an entire production line abroad
The process of manually checking your drawings can also help to surface things you may need to move to or replicate in your new location.

Firstly: find, create and check your layout drawings

Make sure you have accurate drawings of your current and intended manufacturing facility for shipping from the USA to Bahrain. These blueprints are likely to be essential tools for your team and your contractors. That is why it’s so important to verify them by eye. Things to check when relocating an entire production line abroad include:

  • The column is best determined by making a floorplan
  • Equipment quantities, identification, and sizes
  • Utility locations
  • Pits
  • Trenches
  • Aisles
  • Overhead equipment

Check and document your machinery before relocating an entire production line abroad

Make sure to check and document the condition of your equipment. You may be surprised to find that some aren’t in the state that you thought they were in. That’s why it’s best to make decisions about your commercial move well in advance. After moving your entire production line abroad, you may also opt for refurbishing or abandoning some of the machines or equipment.

Give a unique asset tag of all the items you want to move to all involved. Auditing everything against that tag will help people to find the information they need. As a result, it will be easier to confirm that they’re working with the right machine.

  • Firstly, take photos during the audit, to document the overall condition plus specifics such as connection points.
  • Secondly, some machines may require specific foundations, pits or trenches, so the details of these should also be noted.
  • Finally, make sure you have all of the manuals, maintenance records, spare parts, and programming data for each machine.
Men in a warehouse
It can help enormously to engage with your staff in the planning stages. A factory move can have dramatic effects on their lives.

Thoroughly review your supply chain

Consider how your supply chain will be affected by the move. It can of tremendous help to engage with your staff in the planning stages. A factory relocating can have major effects on their lives and by involving them early, you can find ways to help them. Even a perfectly executed selection of your entire manufacturing line will involve changes to the way you supply and are supplied, but it’s also wise to expect problems. Do you have a plan to mitigate issues that might affect the installation timeline, plus delays that new suppliers might cause? At a minimum, it would be best to stay prepared financially for an unexpected cash-flow deficit.

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