Guide to packing exotic plants for transport

When moving to a new home, you will surely bring everything that is valuable to you. Exotic plants are sometimes part of this category as well. However, they are not that easy to pack. You have to bear in mind many things and make sure you do everything properly. If you avoid doing this, the possibility that your precious plants will not survive is high. So, in order to give you a helping hand, we are going to give you several tips on packing exotic plants for transport. The only thing you should do is to read this article and you will be fully prepared to complete this task when the time comes.

Preparation is of paramount importance

The first thing you should do is to give your plants a little care in order to get them in good shape for the environmental fluctuations they will encounter. It is advisable that you do this a week or two before your relocation. Since it is possible that your relocation stresses the plants, this is going to be perfect preparation.

It is advisable to prune and preen your plants when packing exotic plants for transportation

You can also remove dead or damaged leaves and trim the stems that are meandering. Also, if you have ceramic pots, you should change them. In this way, you will not only lower the weight of the shipment but you will also reduce the risk of breaking pottery. In addition to this, you should not forget to water your plants one or two days before the move.

What to do if you transport them by your car

This is quite similar to traveling with animals. It means that, if it is cold outside, you would want to keep your car warm and vice versa. Also, if you have to leave your plants in your car on a hot day, make sure you park in the shade and water them. If you are thinking about what is the safest way of packing exotic plants for transport, you should use sturdy boxes. Arrange them on the floor or on the seats and make sure they are stable. After that, put the plants inside and avoid leaving empty space between pots. Fill it with some packing paper, for example. In case it is impossible for you to unpack all of the moving boxes, this is not the reason to leave your plants in your car overnight. If you do this, it can severely damage or even kill your plants.

Tips on packing exotic plants for transport

Since your plants are quite delicate, you should do everything you can in order to protect them. First of all, if you have small plants, take them out of their pots and wrap the root bases in damp newspaper. After that, you should put them in a plastic food-storage bag. Of course, you should not forget to seal it by wrapping a rubber band around the stems just below the foliage.

Flower pot
In case you have small plants, it is preferable not to transport them with their pots

In addition to this, it is preferable to keep your wrapped plants away from direct sunlight. Should you need a helping hand, you can contact the import-export company Bahrain. They are going to make sure all of your exotic plants arrive at your new home in perfect condition.

Get some professional help for this task

Relocation itself is quite a complex and overwhelming process. So, when in a situation like this, the best thing you should do is to get some help. To be more precise, you should get professional help. Temperature-controlled shipping companies will play a major role in this task. They will make sure all of the plants are properly packed before transporting them. In addition to this, they will also be very careful about the temperature and where they are putting your plants. They will do everything they can to deliver your exotic plants in perfect condition. As you can see, hiring a professional will be of great help. You will lessen the stress level and you will have more time to complete some other tasks.

Make sure you pack them last

When packing exotic plants for transport, you should pack them last. They are very sensitive and any kind of change can have a great influence on them. So, after you have packed all of the plants, you should think about where and how to put them. As we have already mentioned, you need to be very careful when the temperature is in question. However, this is not the only thing you should take care of. Feel free to preen and prune it a bit.

Since plants are quite sensitive, you should pack them last and unpack them first

When loading a moving truck, make sure you pack your plants last. In this way, you will get to unpack them first and they will not suffer any kind of damage. Basically, this is something you should do with any kind of temperature-sensitive cargo.

As you have had a chance to see, there are several things you should pay attention to when packing exotic plants for transport. They are quite sensitive and they need to be treated properly. Feel free to include all of these pieces of advice into your preparations. You will surely not make a mistake- quite the contrary. Yet another thing you should consider is hiring a professional moving company. They have experience in this field and they will know what to do. In addition to this, they will bring their own packing supplies which will be yet another task you will not have to bother yourself with. So, lower your stress level and start enjoying your relocation!

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