Guide to organizing an office move

Moving an office needs to be done quickly and with great precision. There are a lot of small, yet important items. Organizing an office relocation is very important since you need to move everything safely while causing the minimum amount of downtime possible. Good planning and careful execution are the keys to this type of relocation. 

Planning is important when organizing an office move

One of the most important aspects of every relocation is the plan. Many things can go wrong without a good moving plan. That’s why organizing an office move is very important. With so many small items and a short amount of time, you need everything to go smoothly. That’s when office efficiency is most important. Every additional minute of downtime is another minute that you are closed for business. So, when planning for relocation, make sure that you have covered every item and every possible situation.

plan when organizing an office move
A good place is the first step into making the office move a success

Make a list of items that need to be moved

The first thing when organizing an office move is to make a list of everything that needs to be moved. That’s the best way to keep track of all the office equipment and items. And make sure that nothing gets forgotten or lost. And make sure to include everything. From computers and printers to office decorations. It will also make it easier for the moving company Bahrain to move your office more efficiently, and more importantly, faster. Every single item should be cataloged and listed. While it might like a waste of time, it will make your planning much easier and more efficient. 

Make a plan for the relocation

While no plan can be 100% accurate, it’s still important to have one. And a lot of things need to be included in it. From where to store items before shipping to what to do with the old office equipment you no longer need. You need to plan for every step of the relocation process. So, decide who and how will pack office equipment and who will be in charge of inventorying items.  As well as what will go where in the new office space.

Give your employees something to do when organizing an office move

It’s also quite important to properly involve your employees. On one hand, giving them too much to do can cause dissatisfaction and lower efficiency. On the other hand, involving them in the move can help them get their productivity level back up faster. So, one of the ways in which you can involve them is to have everyone pack their own desk. That way you will not only minimize the chance of forgetting something. But your employees will also do it faster and more precise. Everyone loves their favorite stapler. 

Find a good moving company

One of the most important aspects of any relocation is a moving company. A lot of things depend on you choosing good movers for your relocation. So, make sure to hire only the best commercial movers for your industry. Contact at least a few moving companies and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Read online reviews and talk to them. See how fast can they move your office. And how they plan on moving those fragile pieces of office equipment. 

iron out detail when organizing office move
Make sure to iron out all the detail with the movers before signing a contract

Iron out all the details with the movers

Once you’ve found a good moving company, it’s important that you are on the same page. So, make sure to meet with them at least one more time to iron out all the details. So you’ll know every aspect of your move when signing a contract. What is the timeframe for your relocation? How many movers will be involved? Do they have their own storage facilities if you need them? Ask them any and every question you can think of. This will make organizing an office to move more efficient and less stressful.

Declutter your office before the movers arrive

One of the great ways to not only save money but also make the move faster is to declutter. Offices tend to accumulate large amounts of items that they don’t need. From old paperwork to broken pieces of equipment. So, make sure to throw away anything you don’t need. And consider renting a storage unit for items that you don’t need to keep in an office. You can do this even before you request a moving quote. That way you will have a more accurate picture of how much your relocation will cost. And organizing an office move will be that much easier. 

Packing when organizing an office move

One of the important aspects of every relocation is packing. It doesn’t matter if it’s residential or commercial. Everything needs to be packed carefully and properly. That is the best way to avoid any accidental damage to your items. So, either pack everything with the help of your employees. Or hire professional packing and crating services Bahrain. With the pros, you’ll have much less to do. And you will be certain that everything is properly protected. But, if you want to save some money and build up your team spirit, you can also do it in-house.

office move meeting
Meet with the team and plan who will be packing what

Split move vs moving all at once

When deciding how you are going to move an office you essentially have two choices. You can start moving your teams one by one or you can move everything at once. Moving in stages can help you keep in touch with your customers. Productivity will suffer for it, but at least you’ll be active. On the other hand, moving everything at once will make it easier for productivity to return to normal. You will have a day or two of downtime. But, after that, everything will start returning to normal. The size of your office is a big determining factor here. So, choose wisely. 

Moving day

When the moving day arrives, you need to be present and active. Since you are the one organizing an office move, you need to be there to help your moves by explaining everything. They might be professionals who are great at their job. But you know your office the best. Having employees present is also a bonus. They can help make the transition smoother and faster. And if they will be the ones unpacking everything, it will make it that much easier for them. 

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